17 May 2009

kindle-thumbs down

I had planned to do a post "kindle-part 2" to tell you all about my kindling experiences. I had planned to list the pros and cons:

  • you can read in the bathtub
  • many books in a small space (good for travel)
  • quick downloads to and from computer
  • books are reasonably priced

  • not a book
  • one page shows at a time
  • lots of clicking to turn pages--even on the smallest font, I'm turning pages all.the.time
  • my hand falls asleep when I'm reading in bed
  • you can't easily look ahead to see how many pages are left in the chapter to decide if you should finish the chapter before putting the book down or look for a convenient stopping place
  • many books I want are not available on kindle
  • screen saver image gets "burned into" screen
  • not a book

That's basically what I'd planned to post. It was convenient for me in Russia, but I wouldn't use it when I got home.

That's not what I'm posting now.

Now I'm posting that, based on yesterday's experience, you should not buy a kindle. The drop test they show on amazon is not accurate. Mine dropped from a lower height than theirs purports to, and my screen is damaged.

This is not covered under their warranty. There are no repair facilities for kindles. I'm calling amazon today, but I don't hold out much hope. If I'm pleasantly surprised, I'll let you know.

I will not buy another kindle.

And, unless you never drop things (and don't have any dropping helpers around like...kittens or children) I'd advise against buying one.


Anonymous said...

There's a kindle-alike manufactured in Ukraine that's surprisingly good, my father's wife has one and the baby has knocked it down to the floor about 10 times and it's still fine. I don't remember what it's called, unfortunately.

julian said...

I actually saw a guy with one of these, and it didn't look very easy to use. I am like you, need a stopping point. I only like to read in the summer, I think it has to do with not working! And I love to take books everywhere we go, pool, beach, porch...They dry when they get wet, and it you drop them, you are fine!
Oh and about the dress, btdt!

Jenni said...

Oh no! I hope Amazon will repair/replace the Kindle for you.

Not being able to easily flip ahead to see where good stopping point is would be a big drawback for me. I do that every night when I'm reading in bed.

Annie said...

....yes, one must be able to look ahead....and to look back, and to glance from one page to another....

I couldn't afford one anyway, so it is nice to think I wouldn't want one!

AdoptaMama said...

That bites. I hope you get some sort of resolution. I'm (ashamed to say) not a huge reader but this type of thing does not appeal to me at all.

Deb said...

Glad to see your pro con list. I had thought about getting one but just the fact that I can't skip ahead to see the end of the chapter is enough to make me never want one. Thanks!