23 May 2009


Fishermen on the Neva surrounded by hungry gulls as seen on my way to school. That's Vasilevksy Island behind them.

(Pretty picture. No news.)


Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Sorry there is no news yet...I have been waiting...but probably not as expectantly as you have. I really do love all the pictures you post. Thank you!

soon...it will be soon.


Anonymous said...

well, at least no news means no bad news. and good news is surely on the way. (and thanks for the pretty picture!)

Rachael said...

Well, it is a great picture. Katya's former orphanage is on Vasilevsky Island, so we went that way and over that bridge many times.

Hoping for news soon. Preferably GOOD news.

Lea said...

Wow, I have been missing all of the excitment! Praying for you and the possibles:).

Barb said...

ok . . I was away a couple days .. lots for me to catch up on . . . wow 8&6 . . . sisters? . . . hope you hear something soon . . . praying for you!

Ktates said...

Well I feel like one of the hungry gulls, circling to see what the fisherman brings up!

Great picture...Miss A's orphanage is their also.

Hugs and prayers-