18 May 2009


Didn't I once say if one had nothing to contribute to the conversation, or was in doubt as to what was appropriate to discuss, one could always talk about the weather? (Yes. I did. Basically.)

It's warmer.

See? The meteorologists in second grade said so.

And they're predicting soaring morning temperatures. ;>

**note: the
cold spell lasted four days--these are only recorded on school days. nach.

AND, I put a new picture in this post of my favorite Victory Day poster from this year.

And now I'm off to delete a post from the archives. Otherwise this is post number 555. And it's just not worthy.


J. said...

Still not complainin' about a high of 55 yesterday!

Barb said...

we have a rain forecast for the rest of the week . . . boo hoo (but, I did get burned sitting on the patio almost all day Sunday . . .)

Barb said...

Oh yeah - I've nominated you for a blog award . . .