29 December 2009

further adventures of car

It's been a while, hasn't it?

I didn't blog about the day-long saga that led to the discovery of a failed ignition coil.

Or the trip to pick it up on a late Saturday morning--by foot and metro--in which Lexi and I were charged by barking dogs (leashed and muzzled, fortunately, but still scary) and saw more staggering drunks than I ever have in one place.

That's all sort of old-hat.

But this. THIS.

Setting the scene: Snow is very, very deep. It's been snowing for a week now and it's over two feet deep. (It's not good for playing as it's too deep and doesn't stick. AND there's no where to sled nearby.)

We went out to go shopping and found that the car handle had been messed with, which left the interior light on, which drained the battery. Not fun, but par for the course. We (consulted with the principal) decided to wait until the roads cleared a bit more (Ploughs aren't running for some reason. Monday a week ago, when it all started, we were shopping. A trip that takes 20 minutes with no traffic, and about an hour with traffic, took THREE AND A HALF hours. So we've been content to stay home and let the snow bury the car.) to call the service to have it jumpstarted.

We called today to schedule a time tomorrow morning. Service is not working until after 5 January. Welcome to Russia.

Another service will come, but you can't book ahead. We planned to call tomorrow.

Ever-helpful principal shoveled my car out.

And discovered I have no license plates.

This is a big headache. BIG. I don't even know how big yet. It will involve trips to the consulate and the local police station. Made, of course, without my car. And it takes AGES to sort out new plates. A colleague's plates were stolen this summer and it was months before he had new ones. Groan.

No, there is no such thing as a temporary tag.

And Lexi and I will have to walk to and from school...or take a taxi every day. I'd guess taxi there and walk home.

But it keeps all of you entertained.

Stay tuned.


Jim said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I'll be praying for your case to turn out more quickly than a couple of months. I'm sorry about your missing plates. Why couldn't this have happened when the weather is nicer?

yjwebers said...


Lindsay said...

That stinks. Hope you can get it sorted relatively quickly.

Tammy said...

What a pain. And it always seems worse when you're tired, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

oh my WORD. Do people take their tags in and out with them each day for safety? As I can't even remember to pick up the sonic plastic lid that is next to my bushes in my front yard for easily a month I can assure you that I am too forgetful...or lazy...to do this,but maybe you should...

The Accidental Mommy said...

THAT is just HORRIBLE!!!

Did you have some sort of fancy plate that might have a market value? Or just regular boring plates that can be put on a stolen car?

Kay B said...

oh my! I can't imagine what you will go through to fix this. Your never-ending car saga is terrible! I wish there were something I could do to help...

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

So sorry! And I do relate to the exhauastion of of newly adopted Mommy . . . did it with a bio 3 month old to add to the "fun" as well. It was tough. But it does get better!

emma said...




emma said...

oops - it's not emma, it's her mama. love and prayers from florida.

Ellyn said...

OMG, what would happen if you lived in a bad neighborhood??? And you are living in the place that probably invented bureaucracy!!!!! Ouch. I hope things resolve faster than you anticipate. Have a happy and safe New Year.

Annie said...

I've never really been entertained by your car problems; it causes me too much anxiety; I must be over-endued with empathy regarding auto issues.

Very upsetting indeed. I really think if I were in Russia I would do without a car. Seems more trouble than it is worth.

Rachael said...


How far is the walk to school?

Weld them in next time?

Maura said...

Oh, this just seems beyond unfair. I am so sorry to hear of your ongoing car woes. I will hope that you can get your plates more quickly - if you have to visit in person to get the process going, will the winsome smile and twinkling eyes of a certain little girl hold any sway???

june said...

I think your car needs its own blog. I mean, by now you could write some sort of manual for foreign drivers in Russia.

At least your car was still where you left it... guess you can thank the snow for that. Sigh.