21 December 2009

three months

She regularly talks to Mr. Hooper on the phone.

"I can't to-cide." is my current favorite mis-pronounce. Decisions are hard. ;>

Baby Chicken is still with us quite often. She regularly wants to swim in Lexi's drink at mealtimes and is chastised accordingly.

Her doll has gone, in three months, from being Malishka (little one) to Kookla (doll) to Dochka (daughter) back to Kookla to Baby.

I love to hear her pray.

She still considers every decision quite seriously (I want...tak, tak, tak...)and then vehemently chooses (THIS one!).

She thinks Santa will bring her chocolate and a puzzle.

She is currently enjoying her "terrible two's" and is experimenting with all forms of "no". (Another thing for which we can thank her kindergarten.) She has been quick to learn that when Mama tells you do something you say, "Yes, Mama." and obey. The rest of the time she can enjoy being all no-ing.

Our refrain of "This isn't the orphanage, it's OUR home." has come out of retirement in a slightly altered "This isn't kindergarten, it's OUR home."

Our favorite books this week are Piglet and Mama (We quite often have the piglet calling "Mama" around here followed by the refrain, "But Piglet wanted HER Mama." Both the role of Piglet and the role of narrator performed by Lexi. Mama makes a cameo appearance as Mama Pig at the end.) and Loving (which I highly recommend and is better, in our opinions, than the similar book Families. I get a little uncomfortable with the pc nature of Families. It lists foster families and adoptive families as kinds of families...but it sort of creeps me out. And it says that all children everywhere have a family. And we know that's not true. Lexi prefers Loving because it has a picture of a boy's behind as he is bathed. In fact, the subtitle of Lu-vin' for a long time was "The Popochka Book".)

Really and truly, she is a bright spark, a near-constant delight, and a complete joy. And, yes, she really is this cute.

*photos removed--black dress*

I know these are blurry. I didn't want to use a flash, and when Lexi smiles, she smiles with her whole body. Be still and smile? Just can't be done. I just love them--blurs and all. I think the first one is my favorite. Or the first two. Or the first row. Or the first nine...

What prompted these smiles? Christmas, milkshakes, zucchini (which she loves and thinks is the funniest.word.ever), ice cream and Kipper.

(Am very surprised Dior hasn't contacted me about a photo campaign after I sent them her photo. Or Lands End, after the excellent, albeit accidental, product placement in the singing-in-the-park post.)

stats for the record:
height: 112.5 cm (44.3 in)
weight: 40.5 pounds


Lauri said...

adorable, she just shines when she smiles

Maura said...

She is just so cute! Danny loves the second photo best - on his own, he asked if that was Lexi (I'd shown him a photo before), and said he likes how she's smiling. :-)

I like #2 as well, but who could choose from all that adorable-ness?!

Glad for the 3-month update. Lexi is a treasure.

Melissa said...

A treasure she is!! I love reading your updates...and her hair is growing too...it's precious! I love your description of how she smiles - with her whole body. It will help me not get so frustrated with Iliya, when I can't get a decent picture of him, because he won't sit still. Now that you mention it, he smiles with his whole body, too, so I will remember to be more patient with him! :)

ALPAL said...

Love her! Love her! Love her! I so wish I could see her in person! Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas!

Tami said...

I LOVE those pictures. I don't think I could pick a favorite. She is absolutely precious! And has it really been three months already?! WOW!

Lindsay said...

Ahoj. Playiing catch up here - love the photos; she is seriously cute. I too am baffled by Dior's lack of contact. Perhaps it is lost in the mail. Hope you have a truly wonderful family Christmas together.

Annie said...

Those photos are magnificent. I hope she keep posing for you for years. I still get such a charge out of Anastasia Photo-shoots.

Just adorable.

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Definitely the first 9. LOVE the pics!


Lea said...

She is absolutely adorable! And it is clear that your description of her smiling with her entire body/being is perfect. Beautiful.

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

What a gorgeous child you have.
(and I am not just saying that because she reminds me of mine!)ha ha ;)
Next time, try sitting on the window sill and have Lexi standing with her face full towards the window (light). It might help the fuzziness. Just a pinch more light is all that is needed.
I have never read that book with the pig, will have to check it out.
I can not wait to hear about your first Christmas together! I bet it is so exciting for her!

Unknown said...

She is so gorgeous. She is on my fridge front and center so I always startle a bit when I see that her hair is longer..that it was on my fridge a minute ago...see the confusion? Bear with me, I am blonde.

MoscowMom said...

Love the pictures! She is so precious!!!!!!

julian said...

Sadly, even in the best kindergarten little ones pick up some yucky habits! BUT the upside is that Lex is picking up lots and lots of English.
This is the amazing part, my AugustRose is 39 inches tall and 40 pounds. (SHE IS TALL AND THIN)
You have yourself a little pixie!!
I like the way L's hair looks as it grows out..very stylish, and perfect for her little face! She is adorable!

McMary said...

She is gorgeous. I love reading your updates. It is easy to tell what a delight she has been to your life.

Pollock Family said...

I wish you Merry x-mass and Happy new year, Lexi is wonderful child and getting adjusted so well.... I truly enjoy your blog... thanks for sharing..

june said...

So adorable! I haven't seen that Ann Morris book... we have almost all the others - Shoes shoes shoes is pretty fun!

Merry Christmas to you both!

Rachael said...

Love the dimples. She does have a very sparkley smile. Her hair is growing out very nicely too.

Merry Christmas to you both.

espe said...


(I too am quite shocked that Dior didn't scoff her up!)

Your Buddy

emma said...

checking in from florida - this post made me and my firstborn smile. happy christmas my friend. (oops, commenting from emma's identity.)

Anonymous said...

she is dreamy.