19 December 2009


We are sick.

School is hard.

Her teacher is...not ideal. Or even close. Looking at options and weighing the benefits of being in my school with being in a structured, disciplined, learning classroom. The problem is, there really aren't any English-speaking kindergarten options--the Christian school has a K/1 split (which I don't think is what she needs--she needs a solid year of K, but...). The Montessori School is "selective". And then there's our school. That's it.

Continuing to talk to the teacher and the principal. Am not the only unhappy parent. Fortunately, am not the only unhappy parent who is willing to speak to the school and not just grumble.

As a parent, I'm awed anew by the responsibility I have as a teacher.

The students all, grades 2-12, treat her like a rock star. They're so glad she's home! Her time out of the classroom is good.

We are both beyond happy to be spending the day at home in our pajamas. I, the only being in the flat with a concept of time, am luxuriating in the fact that we have three. whole. weeks. at home. Bliss.

That's the extent of my stamina. Back to Sesame Street, Silly Sally, raspberry tea with lemon and honey and a stuffy, phlegmy little girl.

p.s. SW visit was fine. Lex wouldn't speak English and sw was too familiar (kissed her and was all touchy until I took Lexi away and said, "only for Mama"). Lex wasn't best pleased, but is fine. SW will come every three months for the next three years. Or as long as we're here. Must inform her of our travel plans out of the country. Also am expected to take Lex to the doctor every three months to be weighed and measured.


Lauri said...

so happy for this update

Merry Christmas

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you're sick but glad of the update! Was wondering about you guys, since we hadn't heard anything in a bit! Merry Christmas.

julian said...

a4906657Let your principal know that I am frequently requested by parents, come highly recommended by the admin at my school, and adore the snow.9He has my resume)I knew this part would be hard.It always is, even for "home-grown" kiddies..
I wish I was teaching Lex. What is the snafu with the class? Just too much overstimulation, or teaching style?
We have a blizzard here now, so I am feeling very Russian!!!
Chin up, it gets better.

Rachael said...

Yes, I agree with Lauri - nice to hear an update! Sorry you're both sick, but glad for you that you have three weeks to chill and relax and recharge!

Every 3 mo. to the doctor? Crazy.

Tami said...

Sorry to hear your sick and are having such a time with the teacher. They are SO important in the equation. We'll be praying that you're able to find a solution.
SW visit every three months for three years? Wow. And every three months to the doctor. Goodness! I'm doing good to get Maddie's post-placements done, and we don't even have to have a SW for those! :)
Thanks for the update! :)

McMary said...

So sorry to hear that Lexie is sick and school is hard. I hope all improves.
Glad to hear that you have 3 weeks at home and lots of play time. I love Silly Sally!
Merry Christmas.

june said...

Enjoy your 3 weeks at home! Hope you are both feeling better soon.

Oh the school thing... I hear you. I am thankful every day that I ended up with such an ideal kindergarten for T.

You never know about the K/1 split ... might be worth a visit, since it may have more structure etc. It would really depend on the teacher. The multi-age class T is in this year is terrific, due largely to the excellent teacher. Y'all can make or break it, as you say. :)

Maura said...

Sorry to hear how tough school is and that you're both sick.

Glad you have your 3 weeks to recover and revel in each other's company. And maybe more pondering on the school situation will bring a solution you haven't thought of yet.

Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Love your updates.
3 weeks off will be so fun for ya'll.
I love pajama today too!
Feel better and have a Merry Christmas!

yjwebers said...

I hope you enjoy every moment of those 3 weeks off. Merry Christmas! Love, Nif

Lindy D. said...

I'm sorry to hear about the teacher. Good then that you went back before break so you have time to think about your options.

I knew the students would love her... because she is Lexi and because she is yours.

Annie said...

Ha!!! I, too, was thinking I know of the PERFECT KINDERGARTEN TEACHER for your school!!! But J. got in there ahead of me and recommended herself.

I rather surprised there aren't more options; my "Teach in Russia" e-mails seem to have nothing but preK openings. Mostly in Moscow, though, I think.

Awfully glad to hear from you, though!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

know i'm praying. so glad you have 3 weeks at home together. hang in there.


Holly said...

I was struck at how great our responsibility as teachers are, too, once Grace was home.

Sorry you're sick. Here, too. Guess the nasty bug gets around! Feel better soon and enjoy your 3 weeks off!

Jenni said...

I'm sorry to hear both you and Lexi are sick! I hope you recover soon so you can fully enjoy your 3 weeks off. I also hope you get the school situation resolved soon, or at the very least, come to peace with it (like I had to with Vika's 1st grade teacher).

Wish I had Lexi in my kindergarten classroom! Although with my partner teacher, the room is complete sensory overload. Sometimes I can barely concentrate in there!

Merry Christmas - your first as a family! :)

Unknown said...

Oh geez, the school thing in stressing me out. I wonder if I should go before we leave for Russia and explain to the school what is coming?

Anyway - sorry school isn't ideal - but the holiday season is here - YAY! Merry CHristmas to you!

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

I hope school goes better and that you both feel better soon. We also have been under the weather.

Merry Christmas to you both. It will be wonderful to be together for your first family Christmas I am sure.


The Accidental Mommy said...

Gosh, every 3 months for 3 years does sound like overkill. But then, I think of so many families that struggle with no resources so maybe it isn't a bad idea overall.
Sucks to be sick for you guys!
Is the picky Montessori school expensive? That might just be a great option for Lexi since they tend to be low pressure go -at -your- own- pace sorts of places. But here they are expensive, worth it I think, but more than we could afford anyway.
Merry Christmas and all!

Lindsay said...

Sorry to hear the school situation is not the best. Hope you get a satisfactory resolution soon. In the meantime; have a great and restful holiday.

(And I too view teaching in a whole new light since becoming a mama!)

Tina in CT said...

Sorry to hear you were sick.

Not ideal about Lexi's teacher but it's good that you are not the only parent not pleased as hopefully the "powers that be" will get the teacher on the "straight and narrow path".

Pictures of Lexi are just adorable. She's such a little pixie.

SW should know better!!!!