12 June 2011

a nice weekend

Had a lovely party this afternoon for my twins--Ksusha and Misha. It was a big 'do with all the families invited.

It had me crying in the taxi on the way home, just sad to be leaving so many friends--and so many people who have watched Lexi come home and take a vested interest in her. I had comments today about how far she's come. It's nice to have people to share that with, people who see and know.

And, I really like the twins' parents. Even my principal thanked me (of course, he's just scared that I'll lose it again) for how far they've come this year. The parents feel a part of the community and Misha and Ksusha have come SO FAR. I'm really proud of them.

Had a nice BBQ yesterday, too. I even got hugs from the German parents--and that's no mean feat.

It's nice to have SO MANY happy parents. I've had one disgruntled (this year--and she wasn't at the birthday party) in six years. Most have left not just complacent, but fondly and singing my praises. That's pretty stellar if you ask me.

I'm a little weepy. There aren't a lot of things I'll miss about Russia, but there are lots of people that I will.


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

It's always hard to leave people we care about. I get that so deeply, Kate. It's going to be an emotional couple of weeks for you.

And, your track record for 6 years is definitely stellar!


Lindsay said...

If you got hugs from the German parents then you *know* you are doing something right ;) I know exactly what you mean - so hard this time of year when families and friends leave.

beckyww said...

You care. Praise GOD that you have a hearet that cares, and a mind that knows when it's time for a change. xooxox