21 January 2010

also on the playground

Here is the slide yesterday after school. (She's there, Essie. See? At the top.) Yes, we still play outside unless it's colder than -25C. Then you have the option of staying in, but it's merely an option. The Russian schools close when it's either -20C or -25C. We. never. close.

Personally, I think -20 is a small price to pay for blue skies. BLUE SKIES!!!

Here is Lexi demonstrating how to slide down the new slide extension:

Older kids tell me the key is to spring up when you hit the end of the slide (aka jam into the ice) and just flop onto your belly. Lexi is too little and has to stand up and then dive into her penguin move.

Below is one of the shoveled-out swings. You can almost sit on that one without touching snow. Well, Lexi can. I doubt the hold would same true for me.

An article in the St. Petersburg Times (the second one in less than a month) about the deplorable road-clearing. Apparently the mayor said the crews better get busy or they could "knit socks" in the evenings rather than be employed. Sure enough, last night they towed all the cars off my street (mine was already gone) and cleared the road. Yes, we woke up at 0-dark-thirty and watched it. It was a nice break in the nightmares.

I think Dimet@pp night time cold and cough (yes, she's sick again) might have made them worse. Possible?


Lindy said...

Conversion to farenheit:
Minus 20C = Minus 4F
Minus 25C = Minus 13F

Yikes, that's cold... and I live in the frozen tundra. Those hardy Russians are gluttons for punishment.

(To fellow Wisconsinite Essie: my word verification after I typed this was Reggie?!)

Mrs. Butler said...

Oh no, she has nightmares? Oh no! My kids dreams are definitely affected by certain kinds of medicines. We avoid ibuprofen for my oldest. Def. poss.

Debbie said...

Lindy and Essie - I'm from WI too :) At least the word wasn't Brett

Sorry to hijack your blog for silly comment, Kate!

The Holmes Crew said...

Ah, such fond memories of the slides in Russia! Makes me "second-home sick"! I am SO looking forward to our visit next January! Yippee!

Tina in CT said...

My daughter told me that all Russian children (starting as babies walked in prams) twice a day.

Hope she feels better.

The streets were horrible in Dec. in Moscow and my daughter told me that they are even worse now.

Kristine said...

That looks like so much fun!

Sorry it is so cold though.

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Yep, our school district goes out for recess at Zero with wind chill. ZERO means NO degrees. I mean, NONE. That is just too cold. But my kids don't mind. I wrap them up like little bratwursts LOL!

Does your cold med have red dye? That messes up Teena, but not Genea. Of course, Genea doesnt get that sick usually.

Hi other Wisconsin people! My word is imphe, no idea what that is lol!

Anyway, I can't see Lexi in those pics though I appreciate the effort!!! Cool luge run though.

Elizabeth said...

I would take cold and sunny over warm and gray as well! It has been beautiful in St. Petersburg lately even though the poor fingers and toes suffer a little.

Tina, there is definitely a lot of ritual walking that people do with babies in Russia.

IEEE said...

oh my god