17 January 2010

daily grind

For ONCE the...peculiarities of how-Russia-deals-with-all-things-car may work in my favor.

Here is my car as seen from our window--no license plates, dead battery. It's been shoveled out twice. And the piles of snow on either side are at least as high as the car.

Here is something interesting happening across the street.

Wait, I'll open the windows.
I *think*, I mean, it looks to me, like they've picked up this car, put it on the tow truck, and are shoveling out the snow on that side of the street. I'm guessing that's where the car was parked and that they'll return it when they finish. That would be GREAT!

Of course, they've been working on that same little patch for over two hours now...so by the time they get to me, it might be June and thawed.

**eta: That's exactly what they did--cleared the street and then put the car back. Now if they'll just come over HERE...

(Kind, kind motorpool workers at the consulate are coming Tuesday to shovel, start, and try to get plates for my car. I'm leaving them a little gifty in the front seat. See--I've figured this system out.)

And, below, is the slide as we saw it first thing last Monday as we arrived for school. Can you see? Since then, the kiddos have carved it out so that you can slide about halfway down. Then, if you jump just right, you can slide on snow the rest of the way down. Or, you can hop off and go back up the half-flight of stairs.

Kindergarten? Bleh. Not making my little bunny feel safe and happy.

I made the kindergarten teacher cry. (Which was probably a good thing, because that means that she finally heard a little of what I've been saying about effect of the noise and disorder in her classroom.) And, days later, she says having Lex in class (and, I infer, having me on her case about Lex being in class) is so much stress that she's having chest pains and may need to go into hospital. (eyeroll)

I am doing my best to remember that while I need to be polite, her well-being and happiness is not my responsibility. Lexi's is. The end.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having such a hard time with the K teacher. And did you ask her how having 1 little girl in her class is giving her that much chest pain?! Really - what a crock!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Um, see, you're not supposed to put up pictures unless there is a minimum of one new Lexi pic. That's the rule. That I invented special for you lol!
Gosh I hope it goes well for school. That poor, poor teacher what with the having to control her class and the expectations and such. Sad for her. (rolling my eyes so far back I can see the dark side of the moon).

votemom said...


Jenni said...

Oh, the drama! Poor, poor teacher. She sounds like my partner, who wears funny hats, get the kids all riled up, and then yells at them for not listening to her lessons! I think that self-examination is always a good thing in the teaching profession. My partner and Lexi's teacher should try it sometime!

I hope your car gets unburied and back up and running soon!

Lindsay said...

Teachers who cannot/will not control the chaos in their rooms drive me nuts. Good luck to you in getting it sorted. Chest pains my @%$^*!! Useless, unprofessional excuse for a teacher!

Carrie said...

You are a good mama bear. And right you are to be more concerned with Lexi than her teacher.

I was not shocked at the sight of the snow (not after living so close to South Lake Tahoe), but what shocked me was how dark it was when you arrived at school! I do realize you live where it's dark during this time of year, but it was still a sight to see!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Well said, Mama! Lexie is your priority. Kg teacher is a grown up and should be addressing her stress managment issues.

Oh, the snow! It's so pretty from afar :)

Hoping your car gets dug / thawed out soon enough.

hugs friend!


Tina in CT said...

Heading for a heart attack my ***! That Kindergarten teacher needs to find a different profession if she is so stressed from 5 and 6 year olds.

How does Lexi feel about the class?

Lindy said...

I don't know why a nice private school would employ such a teacher. Is Lexi in school with her all day? Are there any redeeming experiences for Lexi?

Poor little Lex. This should be a happy time for her.

Barb said...

Ugh! Maybe things would be better all around if the teacher did take off for some stress leave (is she an older woman?). Very frustrating when key people don't hear you!

Hope your car gets out soon and can get back on the road.

We're getting 4 more minutes of daylight every day here now . . . yipee!!

Annie said...

Are you supposing that she is just INCAPABLE of creating order? Is that why she is stressed out? Or, is your vision of kindergarten that different than the environment she wants to create?

The Holmes Crew said...

Spoken like a mom! Good for you!