08 January 2010

project 52

One of my online blogpals and kindred spirits took up the challenge of posting (nearly) a picture a day in 2010 and threw down the gauntlet for the rest of us to follow suit.

I love to take pictures, and would like to think that I'd post a photo a day, and am intrigued to see what this revealed.

But I know I wouldn't.

I wouldn't lug my big ol' camera around every day. I'd get sick of pictures of school and recovering from school. And that's pretty much life. But, it's not really how I want to SEE my life. (Allow me my illusions.)

Do you know what high achievers do when, for example, playing PIG on the basketball court? They find their outer limit and then take one step in.

So. I am going to post a photo a WEEK in 2010. In a completely new place. And I'm going to do my best to have it NOT be simply photos of my gorgeous daughter. Those you'll still find here.

And, who knows? I may actually exceed the 52 pictures planned for 2010. Or, the challenge my lie in finding THE photo to sum up the week.

Or it may be a big cop-out and said friend is just being kind in encouraging me to participate in this divided-by-seven manner.

Thanks, friend.


Carrie said...

I do this on another, non-Gracie related, account. I thought I wouldn't do it, but surprisingly, I've kept it up for 62 days so far. Most of my photos have been of food, because my life is so mundane that sometimes the only thing that changes is the food I eat. I've actually found it to be a very fun project.

Good luck to you!

Annie said...

That sounds like a good plan to me....I probably get around less than you do! I'm not sure a photo a week could be anything but depressing (unless they were of my children).

But you live in a wonderful, interesting place and photos of anything you could take a photo of would make me excited.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you are doing this!! Yay you!

Jackie said...

Love this idea!!