10 January 2010


New circus-cat training methods include many, many repetitions of:

Come on, Mia. Jump. You LIKE to jump. (Hmmm...sounds a lot like "You like cheese.") You do. You like to jump. Come on. Come ON.

Mia, we don't say no to Mama. We say, "Yes, Mama."

(And, no, neither of us has seen trained cats in a circus. Well, I've seen trained big cats, as in lions and tigers back in the day, but I doubt she has. This is all Lexi.)

This morning before seven:

"Mama, are you sleeping? Are you asleep? Are you sleeping? Are you off? Yep."


votemom said...

her language is so amazing. what a bright little bunny you have!

Anonymous said...

a ha ha... I see you share my strategy of pretending that a little voice saying "ARE YOU AWAKE?" does not actually wake us up.

Kathy Friend said...

are you off! HAHA!

Lindy said...

What cute quips. Lexi is nothing if not persistent!

I think it's brilliant that you have handled her "no's" by teaching her, "We say, Yes, Mama." You seem like a very intuitive mother.

Looking forward to your post on single parenting.

Maura said...

Are you off? The best!

Katie said...

off subject..but you will understand...you are on the map. I see you on the map. And I know when you have been on my blog. I smile every time.

Carrie said...

We have the same discussion about not saying no to mommy.

Are you on Facebook? Random, I know.

Suzanne said...

if you are on Facebook, will you friend me?

Love the "Mia, we don't say no to Mama. We say, "Yes, Mama.""