14 August 2006

case in point

I have long maintained that Ohio is the most bureaucratic state. This is not a good thing, imho (please read h as "humble" ). In fact, that aforementioned long-maintained statement is generally preceded by a vehement, "This is the most poorly run state I've ever been in!"

I don't think it's a coincidence that while trying to update my license online, I was directed *not* to the Department of Motor Vehicles for Ohio, but rather to the BUREAU of Motor Vehicles. HA! I rest my case.

And now a little quiz to make up for my spewing. Take it and see which Princess Bride character you are--and then let us all know! As you can see below, I am most like Westley (as in "Oh, my sweet"). I, nach, was a little upset at not being the lovely heroine, but concede that the quiz is probably right. Loyal, clever and loving sounds pretty accurate...and very flattering. ;>

Westley / The Dread Pirate Roberts

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

The Dread Pirate Kate


Anonymous said...

I was the lovely heroine - Buttercup. Which is fine - even though she seems a bit absent at times. Maybe it was just due to her grief at having lost her love, so I don't have to resemble her in that regard.

My favorite online quiz is "what kind of yarn are you?" i am dishcloth cotton - dpendable and hardworking. (http://quizilla.com/users/bisybackson/quizzes/What%20kind%20of%20yarn%20are%20you%3F/).

love all your frequent posts - it makes checking in so rewarding! lots of love.

Lauri said...

Lauri from Ohio here..... just be lucky you dont have to stand in line here at the Motor Bureau or Dept of motor vehicles. They hire some winners.

Maggie said...

I was Prince Humperdink. That's horrible! Why couldn't I be Fezzig (sp?)?

Anonymous said...

Fezzig. But you knew that, right?

votemom said...

i am valerie (the old hag who is married to billy crystal's character). hmmmm.....

just got back from vacation. sorry you are stymied. such is the process. one stymie after another. oy.

Suzanne said...

I'm Miracle Max!! I guess Valarie and I are a pair.

I love this so much I'm going to steal it.

Suz said...

I am Dread Pirate Suz.