08 August 2006

re: the committee meeting

Thank you for all of your prayers and good wishes. I
went into the meeting today feeling confident.
But, things seem a little grim right

The committee was two women in an office. It
didn't look anything like the X-files--no csm in
sight. Both women were nice and helpful.
However, there is a big problem with my petition
because I do not own property in the US anymore.
I was told previously that having my residency
letter from the consulate was enough, but things
seem to have changed.

Two of my agency reps will go back and present my case again on
Thursday, and will hopefully reach a better
conclusion. My agency is confident and encouraging.

More then...


votemom said...

if nothing else over the past 2 1/2 yrs, i learned the importance of what i refer to as "fine tuning". like when you are listening to a radio and it starts to lose it's signal and you hear some cutting out and static. you have to reach for the knob and make a little adjustment. when you do, you once again can clearly listen to your music.

i had to do that alot - fine tune my focus on Who had taken me on my journey.... on Who was the One in charge... on Who had the brilliant purpose... you get the idea.

i'm praying for you this morning.

Elle said...

Votemom is right. It is just going to take the right paperwork to get things just right. You'll get there, don't be discouraged.

Lauri said...

I pray its not a big issue. Im sure its just more paperwork and all will be fine.

keep us updated

Maggie said...

I'm sure it's just red tape that has to be pushed through. Fingers are crossed!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your journey is getting real interesting right from the start! I hope it's just a matter of finding the right combination of forms, colors, seals and signatures (it can't hurt to rub your head and pat your tummy) to get things done.