05 August 2006

dom, sladkee, dom

I love this picture. These are the stairs leading up to my flat. It's really an imposing entryway--wide, clean and with these amazing stained glass windows. Sadly, you can see that one was destroyed. I'm amazed that ONLY one was destroyed. These stairs give you an idea of how grand this building once was. A friend is doing some research for me to find out who used to live here.

This is my re-vamped living room. I slipcovered everything, bought new curtains (PB) and a rug (IKEA), and put up pictures. I think I've managed to banish the brown!

Obviously, it's the kitchen. It opens to the living room with a large arch. On the 'fridge are pictures of my neice and nephew, my friends' children and my "hottie brothers" (so christened by friends in England). Yes, there are more PB slipcovers here. I wasn't a big fan of the slipcover until I lived in a flat full of furniture that I did not choose. These chairs are very 70's--curved frame with a floating, holey, wicker seat. Hence the slipcovers.

d2b's room and wardrobe are still works in progress... PBK quilt, Laura Ashley duvet, cuddly toys from Sainsbury's UK and a bear I bought ages and ages ago, a Noah's Ark poster from my first year teaching (paid for with my own money rather than school funds b/c I knew I'd want to hang it in my child's room someday)...and Hannas sized for ages 2-6. (note to Mom: This does *not* mean that you can start shopping. ;> )

Here is my room. Note its lovely green-with-pine-boughs wallpaper. Ugh!

An attempt to show you how tall my ceilings are. Do you see the step down in front of the fireplace? I think that was the original floor level for all the rooms. (That's the level you enter the flat, too. There's a space to leave your shoes and then you take a step up for the rest of the flat.) Then, when they rennovated this to "Western standard", they put all the wiring, plumbing, etc. in the floors. The door leads to the family bath. What's on the mantle? It's covered by the wrap I wore to Lara's wedding. On it you'll find a tiara Faith made me out of sparkly pipe cleaners, a panda Mary Helen got me (looong ago) and made a fringed dress for and a photo of me and Mads from when she was a little squirt back in NC.

Here is my giant wardrobe collage! It's an original made with paintings and drawings, photographs, greeting cards and treasures. The Miller sibs are here. And, there is original artwork by both the Hoggan girls. My favorite sleepy picture of Emily in Wyoming is up there, too.

The aforementioned family bath. I've done my best to disguise the pumpkin-coloured tiles by adding lots of white--and the striped IKEA curtain. The floors are heated. The washer and dryer are in here, too. It's a nice, large bathroom. (Click to see the pic if photobucket is being cantankerous. The image has been neither moved nor deleted.)

And, the guest room. It's a funny shape, so it's hard to photograph. The walls are orange(!) so I've tried to work with that...not easy for a "winter" like me...

There's a guest bath, too, but it's the same tiles as the family bath, so I won't bother with a pic. (It has a cute, Target, polka-dot shower curtain and three dot IKEA rugs.)

That's all for now! Hope you've enjoyed the tour of my palatial flat. You can see now, perhaps, why I was so happy to stay.


votemom said...

wow, you apartment/flat is really spacious! it looks so cozy and inviting too.

it's early monday morning as i write this, and i am praying for you as you waken and start your day.

praying that you will sense God's presence each hour, and His Sovereign hand in every detail of your life.

keep looking up and trusting.

Anonymous said...

Kate! I absolutely love this apartment, mainly because from earlier photos, I didn't really have any vision for how you were going to kate-ize it. Ooh, it's very nice, really.

Lauri said...

Nice digs and very spacious.... I love, love, love the red stripe pillows and red slip covers... very nice indeed. I really like the kitchen... looks so modern.

were is the Kitty??? he/she did not show up in any photos?? I hope he/she is well.

best of luck with your appt

Rhyne & Jake said...

I love your place, and I'm so shocked it does'nt look Russian at all (except for the bath room)! We stayed in what I thought was a modern B&B in Tyumen, but it was no where near as nice as your flat.

I could only see part of the Noah's Ark picture, but what I could see of it, I LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing with us!

Suzanne said...

Hey! you have a bidet! I used to live in Germany and decided that bidets are lovely. I have one here in the US and everyone things that I am really really strange.

Finally found your blog!



Sheila said...

I stumbled onto your website by accident, but I don't believe in accidents, so I was meant to find you! I also have a blog called "From Russia with Love" because my husband and I adopted a girl from Russia in August. (Court date was August)
I had an INCREDIBLY good adoption experience, so I think I can help. I decided to adopt in January of this year and our Katya came home with me this September, after our waiting period. Seven months, from start to finish, and my agency is not accredited. It is because of an incredible attorney in Moscow. He is a miracle worker, and I don't use that work lightly! Email me if you want his name and number. He speaks perfect English. He is a saint, and is in it for all the right reasons. God bless, and let me know how I can help.
Sheila sbuoni@cox.net

Annie said...

Kate - your apartment is AMAZING! My fairly well-to-do friends in Moscow live in a real dive, in comparison! This is lovely - but still simple. (Simplicity is part of what I love about Russia....not all that consumer stuff).... You would certainly never know I dislike "consumer stuff" by looking at my house, BTW.... I just kind of WISH I did.