21 December 2006

carrie's queries

Carrie started her adoption journey just before I did. We were both headed to Russia, but she's made a detour and is now waiting to bring Baby Grace home from Guatemala.

Carrie asked if I'd been to the figure skating championships that I mentioned earlier. (Remember when they were throwing pigs?) I did. After last year's phenominal Olympic figure skating tour, I was really excited.

This competition was not as interesting on the ice (Where are all the American skaters? Who are these people?), but the experience was great. Remember the big judging scandal of a few years back? Blocks of judges were scoring their friends more leniently than others. Well, the Russians certainly cheer this way! The few Russian skaters got HUGE applause (only natural), Chinese skaters got big applause, Hungarian and Bulgarian skaters got applause. The rest of us...not so much.

If a skater was not in the friends group, they could still earn some applause if they were really good. Once a skater made a mistake, however, all applause stopped--no matter how strong the performance after the mistake. There was certainly no cheering for the underdog or encouraging a struggling skater to overcome. While "really good" skaters could earn applause, excellent skates could not. When the Canadian dance team (who were excellent) scored tops--beating "friends" they were given the cold shoulder. No applause.

There was a group of children sitting in the balcony across the rink from me. They broke all the cheering rules. They would chant, "Mal-la-dyets!" whenever they felt like it. Sometimes it was for the skaters. Sometimes it was to hear themselves chant. I was surprised at the loudest cheer-ers. It was the Japanese! Not only did they applaud and cheer, they gave lengthy dissertations to the skaters.

Our only-in-st.p moment came when they announced that the competition would be delayed because two of the skaters were stuck in traffic.

While she's waiting, Carrie has been indulging in some serious retail therapy. She's asked all PAP's (pre/prospective adoptive parents) to post four pictures of previously unposted purchases. (I think it will make her feel better to see that others are indulging in the same therapy.) So...here are some clothes that are filling the closet. You can see that they're in a variety of sizes. (These are more interesting than the socks and tights and underwear.) They're photographed on another d2b (but previously posted) purchase.

I love this little black dress. I have one for myself. (Mine is a little bit bigger...) I have this in three little girl sizes, too. (What if I do adopt sisters? I needed it in three sizes.)

Isn't this georgous? Ask Juls--it's even better in person.

This little star dress is another one I have in two sizes. It's probably my favourite.

And, a pair of Gap jeans (We could use some plain ones, outlet-shopper-friends--Kerry, once we know what size, you'll have to do a shop for me!) that were another eBay purchase. Some days I like them, some days I don't... They're actually better than they look in this photo. There are more green leaves further down the leg--hence the green tee-shirt.

So, I'm passing the baton. Anyone else want to share what they've bought while they're waiting?


Lauri said...

I bought so much while waiting and not knowing the gender... its really amazing seeing Livi play with or wear something I purchased when everything was so unknown and I was so full of hope & fear... its so great to see your child in those items and you never want to get rid of them once they out grow them either... they are such a reminder that dreams come true.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the gray dress, and of course, I completely trust Julie's opinion!

Anonymous said...

I bought too much, and after seeing the newest medical, I'm afraid if we aren't out of pgn soon, she won't fit in all the cute 6-9 month size clothes I have. I've started buying bigger sizes now too. I have one outfit in two sizes...12months, and 4t. Wasn't on purpose, I was trying to buy a matching jacket at Gymboree and must have hit the wrong button (online) and when I got it, it was a size 4t. It was much easier to buy the matching pieces in 4t then to return it :-) I really like that outfit...it's on my site somewhere, lime green top with a flower on it and jeans with flowers on it.

I may have to post a couple more things to my blog...cleaned the nursery and found a few things I forgot I had (my bad, I pile the bags they come in into the crib). I'm trying to be good now, no more clothes until she gets here.

Any adoption updates?

Holly said...

Sorry, that anon post was me.