11 December 2006

political corruption

I'm the faculty advisor for the lower school student council this year. We meet very earnestly twice a month and decide on spirit days, school projects, etc. We're also supposed to be focusing on leading by example...but that's gotten forgotten of late. Because they are primary students, it's up to me to suggest projects. So, guess what we just did. (BTW--a major pet peeve is having a "guess" statement punctuated by a question mark. I'm not asking you to guess, I'm telling you to guess. If'd I'd said, "Can you guess what we did?" then it would get a question mark. Sorry. Digression. Had to be done.)

We held a used-clothing and new-toy drive to help local children's homes! We collected lots of clothing. I was disappointed by the amount of new toys we received, but we did receive some. Later this week we'll wrap the toys and load everything into the back of my car. I'll drive the donations out to the children's home on Saturday.

I'm a little nervous. I haven't done any volunteering with local orphans because I thought it would break my heart. How could I go amongst these children and not fall a little in love? I have a very susceptible heart--which leads to much heart-breakage and deep, purple bruising. And, believe me, when it comes to these injuries I'm a s-l-o-w healer. I just didn't think it was smart for me or fair to d2b for me to go and fall in love with other orphan children. But, the children's home who will be receiving our donations asked me to deliver, so deliver I shall. When I find out which dom it is, I'll let you know. And, of course I'll post more about the delivery itself.

One other abuse of power (Okay, it's not really abuse. It's just influencing the student council. Do you know what they call lobbyists in the UK? Pressure groups. I'm a pressure group all on my own.) resulted in last Friday being Read-and-Relax Day. Was I glad! We had conferences on Monday and Tuesday night after teaching all day, had a dinner on Wednesday with the big boss from Moscow, and stayed at school until 8:30 p.m. painting the bathrooms on Thursday (mine looks great--I'll take pix.). On Friday we NEEDED a little R 'n' R. It was a great relief to come to school in my jammies and read all day long. Even so, I left school about 45 minutes early with a migraine looming. Some medication and 23 hours of sleep helped tremendously! We had our Christmas party Saturday night. For a homebunny (so much nicer than a homebody) like me, that's WAY too much command socializing for one week. My union rep (well, it's just my friend Kat) laughed at that complaint, but admitted the legitimacy of it and took it under advisement. ;>

That's all for now. We're counting down the days until Christmas break (FOUR!!). Then, I'll have time to live the life of a person again and not that of a teacher. Look forward to more pithy posts (Posts that are more pithy than this, not this is a pithy post and there will be more. Eegad, no.) soon...


Calico Sky said...

Kate can I get a job there, I need a rest and relax day!!!
I can't wait to hear more about the orphanage trip.
Remember to let me know about your impression of Ian and Jane's wedding - if you can call it that. Just watched a cracker episode here, Pauline's lie has been found out!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm serious... the guess statement with a question mark is one of MY biggest pet peeves!!!!!! Seriously, how can anyone read that and think it sounds right?!? Ugh. Maybe it bugs me so much because I'm an actor and have been trained to observe punctuation closely. Jimminy. Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog as the holidays approach. Bring on the PITH! --devon

votemom said...

1. i didn't know you got migraines. i am very, very sorry.

2. it's very possible that you won't even see any children when you make the delivery. and if you do, it will probably be a brief encounter.

3. i will pray for your heart.

Anonymous said...

How exciting that you get to go to an orphanage at Christmas time and delivering toys.
I understand the breaking heart. I used to go to orphanages at Christmas every year when I was in Guatemala. It is hard to see all the kids but watching their smiles at the joy of receiving something however small it is is something you will never forget. Try to focus on that instead of how much you want to take them all home. You get a day to show your love to them.

Hope it goes well.