02 June 2007

8 things

Suz tagged me of the 8 random things meme. The rules are as follows:
Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Mine won't be nearly as pretty as hers, but I'll give it a shot...

1. I am the voice of a video game character. I'm Reia, last of the Astani in the game Vexx. They'd already cast the role three times (in NY, London and LA) and been unhappy with all the actresses. I hadn't been back in the US very long, and my "trans-Atlantic" accent did the trick. Well, it was either that or the way I interviewed them prior to the audition. I wasn't sure I wanted to do a video game. But, this character was a strong woman and the game was very low-violence and high-fantasy. It didn't sell all that well because even if you get all the way to the end, you don't win. They thought this was clever and would make you buy the sequel. I thought it would make people mad. Looks like I won. Still, it was GREAT fun to do.

2. I've ridden in rodeos. Now, they weren't the big, professional ones. They were more like pick-up rodeos. But, I did it. I did some calf sorting, some team cow cutting, and rode barrels. That was great fun, too.

3. I have texture issues. I can't stand to eat foods like tomatoes (squishy and gooey) or shrimp (sets my teeth on edge just thinking about it) or peaches with skin (fuzzy). I don't like to even touch velvet. It gives me shivers thinking about touching it against the nap.

4. I learned to ski on Pikes Peak. You can't ski there anymore, but it does make for a great, random fact.

5. I'm allergic to faux.

6. If I were only going to eat food starting with one letter for the rest of my life, I'd choose the letter P. I realized this when I opened the 'fridge while living in England and saw that everything on my shelf (except the milk) started with P. I laughed out loud! If I got a second letter, I'd choose C.

7. I understand cold temperatures in Celsius and warm/hot temperatures in Farenheit. The changeover occurs at around 52F/10C. (My friend Dawn is the same way, so this isn't completely random.)

8. I am usually very much a rule-follower. I make up rules for myself to follow when rules seem to be lacking.

So, this is a random act of rebellion. I'm not following the meme rules of tagging eight. I'm going to leave this tag open for whomever is interested. I know I've been absent from blogland for a while, and am not sure who would still be interested. Link your blog in the comments so we can come read about your randomness. ;>


kitchu said...

No randomness to from me today...but totally loved yours!

Anonymous said...

I have to find this video game...

Calico Sky said...

trying to think of P foods....
peanut butter

hhmm...that's not a lot of food! lol

Great list dear Kate!

votemom said...

haha - i started to try and think of "p" foods too. all i could come up with was pretzels, pudding and pepperoni.

i think this deserves a separate blog entry.

Lisa said...

Girl, where HAVE you been?! I was starting to get worried! Glad you're back. :-) Lisa

Suzanne said...

How handy to have an alter-ego all ready to go when you need one.

My parents' first date was at Pike's Peak. Unfortunately it was a double-date and they weren't each others' dates. :)