17 June 2007

a little help

Thank you for your kind offers to help the children at Loozeena. I don't really know what we can do. That being said, the atmosphere there was not one of doom and gloom. It wasn't camp-like, but it was just...life for these kids. I wasn't there very long. I'm sure if I was, that I'd have more insights into what life was really like.

Some ideas...

Buckner obvioulsy works there. Supporting their outreach program would help these children and others like them. Becky? Want to chime in here?

I can find out more about the Lutheran organization (V. says it's not Bethany) that Valentina works for and see if we could make donations there. I think they sent a team to build showers at the last children's home I visited. Maybe they could help with paint or flooring...or maybe these are just cosmetic things that struck me. Maybe there are more pressing needs.

I am happy to recieve packages from the US or to take donations and go shopping for these children. I can ask Valentina for what they need (they just got a new blood pressure gague and wood-working tools) and what they want (dolls for all are still high on my list...) and fill up my BIG car.

These are all short-term. I think in the long term, all we can do is pray for these children and for this nation. There are so many people here in need of care. It's easy for us to focus on the orphan population. Those are faces we can readily see. The elderly population is struggling tremendously. The pensioners here have seen their state pensions dwindle away to nothing. My heart hurts for the millions of people here who are lonely and hopeless. I don't know how to help them. I'm open to suggetions!


Lauri said...

People can get on Buckner's mailing list and they will send info on trips and programs that they are arranging to help in Russia and other Countries. We using considered Buckner as our agency and get mailers and they seem to be really involved. They have a good shoe program as well.

Thank you so much Kate for all you are doing to help...

Calico Sky said...

let us know if you want anything specific sent to you, toiletries etc!