04 June 2007

field trip pix

Our students are very fortunate in their field trip ops! Here are the second graders (minus a few from each trip) out and about in St. P. In all, we have 15 students from the following countries: USA, UK, South Africa (those are my native English speakers) Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Russia/Ireland, Russia/Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Holland and Germany.

Here we are on top of St. Isaac's. This was the only thing in St. P that wasn't camouflaged during WWII. All the other building were covered or painted. The Russians reckoned that if this were the only building not covered, the Germans would need it to navigate by and wouldn't bomb it. They were right. Below is what we were looking at--one of St. Isaac's domes. You can see the top dome reflected in this one.
Here we are at Peterhoff. This is one of my favourite places to go in St. P. The fountains are amazing--and were much enjoyed by second grade.

And, this is one of my students drawing outside the Hermitage on Children's Day. Their drawings really turned out well. I'll photograph a few for you. I love the feet on this little artist.


Melissa said...

What great pictures...I bet these kids don't realize how awesome it is to be able to go on fieldtrips in a country with SO MUCH history!! Maybe someday they will... in the meantime, thanks for sharing - it looks like y'all have been busy and have had fun!

(by the way, about the word "reckon" - I use it ALL the time. i guess that without the awesome british accent, i must sound like the hick you are afraid of sounding like!! oh well... such is life)

Maggie said...

I think it's so wonderful how multi-cultural your school is. Those kids are being raised with such a worldly view... they're going to be amazing adults.

I enlarged your little artist's photo. It looks like she's drawing with perspective. Impressive!

Chris Goeppner said...

What a cute bunch of kids. I bet you have a lot of fun with them.

Laura said...

How fun!

Lauri said...

Great Pics

votemom said...

thinking of you as you close out the school year....