13 October 2007

blog interrupted

Well, my lovelies, (that's how I address this year's class so far...especially when they're being either VERY lovely or very UN-lovely.) I have sad news. No, it's not THAT sad. It's only sad...not devastating. Let's keep things in perspective.

I have no internet access at home AGAIN.

Apparently, this is because I've been watching GH on my slingbox. I've asked the other IT person at school (and not the one who said he'd take care of it last month...) if he'll look into why my unlimited internet access is now limited.

Until it's back, I'm only internet-ing at school--and then only after a day of teaching, dance/drama classes and Russian lessons. Somehow I just can't manage to get online after all that unless I'm in my pajamas. I guess I could bring my pajamas to school...


Rachael said...

Well I hope it doesn't come down to having to choose between GH and blogging!

Hope you're back online soon...we miss you when you're gone.

Jim said...

Egads. I hope this isn't one of those things that might "require a phone call." No telling how long that might take to rectify.