07 October 2007

you can uncross

SW couldn't make arrangement to come in October (I said it would take a month...). She can come in November. Since SW2 was also available in November, I'm asking that she do the homevisit instead of SW2.5. I just think having three different sw names on my hs is not going to make the MOE very happy...

And, btw, has anyone looked at my timeline lately and realized we've been updating this hs since the beginning of JUNE?

Edited to add: SW 2.5 is really, really cross with me. I hate it when people are cross with me. I, rather cynically, suspect it is because she is a. losing out on a fee and b. not getting the paid trip to St. Petersburg. (Told you it was cynical...but I know she was planning to stay an extra day to sightsee, go to museums, etc.)

SW2 won't be back from holiday until the end of the month. SW2.5 is threatening says that it's likely SW2's schedule has filled up and she won't be able to come until December. The way things are going, I'm tempted to wait for SW2. WAIT?!?? Willingly? Am I crazy??

At least the I-171H now has a free update--and free fingerprinting. I'll be getting my money's worth out of that visa!

Agency agrees that fewer SW names is better.


Deb said...

I'm so sorry. This has been such a headache for you. I'm glad she'll be able to come in November though. That's not too far away in the grand scheme.

I enjoyed your gypsie story below. Interesting stuff.

ferenge mama said...

OK, I'm all uncrossed now.

I don't think I like SW 2.5's attitude at all. And I think you are smart to conclude that fewer names on your HS is better.

Hang in there... November is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry you keep having all of these disappointments with working out your hs and sw. Pray that this will work out soon.


A Room to Grow said...

-big sigh-

Rachael said...

I'd be bummed to miss out on a paid trip to St. Pete's too, but doesn't she know being cross won't make her case? She needed to be speedy.

What's another month in the grand scheme of things right? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you that this all works out in whatever fashion is supposed to be, but sooner rather than later would be nice.

6blessings said...

Oh, this is so crazy. I can't believe all of the trouble you're having. I sure hope someone, no matter which number it is, comes soon!