21 October 2007

you're not missing anything

Hello, my lovelies.

Just a quick pop-in to let you know that while I still have limited internet time, you're not missing anything. I've yet to hear from either social worker...or to have real news from my agency.

We've got a week left until Fall Break. I'm so tired that I was shaking last week. Seriously. We've been teaching since mid-August without a break. I know your non-teacher hearts are just breaking...but we really do NEED a break. I'm so glad we've got one coming.

Someone from school is on the case about new internet, so hope to have it soon. However, my definition of "soon" has radically altered since moving to Russia.

Thanks for all your lovely wishes of support and for all your prayers on my behalf. I miss bloggerland and will be happy to be back asap!


1 comment:

mommyto5 said...

Hope your break gets here before you know it! Continued prayers on the adoption front too.