26 July 2008

houston, we have internet!

And that is a very good thing because I've just finished season two of Joan of Arcadia and there is no season three. (Highly rec that show. Well-written and well-acted. Clever. It amazes me that a group of people who have a very different world view from mine can come up with a show that, when viewed through my own world view, lines up in all the essentials. It's thoughtful and very nicely done. Season one is brilliant. Season two is good. Mary Steenburgen doesn't ruin it the way you'd think.)

We do not yet have car. It seems the wrong part was sent from the US--though they were quick to tell me that they ordered the correct part. It might be finished in the next two weeks. Right now it's sitting at the mechanics all taken apart and filled with orphanage donations.

Two more weeks until school...and I have loads to catch up on in that time.


votemom said...

i can't believe your summer break is coming to a close - i'm so sorry!!

but i am so happy that you have internet again. hooray!

i wonder what God is doing behind the scenes today???

Tami said...

YEA! for the internet! Isn't it amazing how much you miss it when it's gone? ;>) Summer break is closing fast isn't it? If we were staying here the kids would start school in two weeks as well. As it is they get a two week reprieve. Well...it's only a reprieve if you call moving a reprieve. ;>)

Annie said...

Welcome back! I wish you the best for your car, too. Unfortunately mine just went into the shop yesterday and this is VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS in Michigan (land of the automobile). At least in St. P you have SOME mass transit. Such a nice thought.

Suz said...

Yay, so glad you finally got your internet back! I know what a drag it is not to have it!

Jenni said...

Yay for internet! I must say, that for someone living in Russia, you watch WAY more American TV than I do. I may have to check out Joan of Arcadia. Honestly, the Mary Steenburgen thing did put me off a bit.

Hope the car is back in working condition soon.

Tina in CT said...

I can't believe you still don't have your car. Do others that own American cars go through this when a part is needed? Good thing you have good public transportation.

Glad that your Internet is up and running.

It's only mid summer and you're going back to school in two weeks???? Wow!!!!