12 July 2008

shoe trickery

I admit it. I over-imbue inanimate objects with personality. A bit of this might be charming or poetical...but I think I've gone too far.

I'm not just talking about picking up a big piece of lint that the vacuum won't suck up and then putting it down again to give it another chance. I don't mean asking the cat (not that she's inanimate...) where I've left my sunglasses. I'm talking about shoes.

I have two, TWO, pairs of sandals that give me blisters. One is a pair of birks and the other is a perfect pair of sandals--a little bit of a platform, dark enough brown that they can pass for black... But both of these give me blisters.

And I keep giving them another chance. Or maybe I'm giving my feet another chance. I just want them to get along.

Not only that, I start thinking that I'll trick them (the shoes and my feet) by not wearing the shoes for a long time. I start thinking that they'll forget about blisters. I put the shoes on and walk around a bit. Everything seems fine! No blisters. No rubbing. No soreness. I don't need band-aids or moleskin. My plan has worked!

Then, about a half-mile later, it starts--soreness, rubbing, blisters. The band-aids fall off and the moleskin is useless. Those sandals and my feet really do have irreconcilable differences.

Do you know HOW many times this scenario has repeated itself? Too many. But, no more. After limping home from the post office, I've decided that's it. No more chances. I have decided to banish both pairs.


I hope they forgive me.

(I wrote this for you yesterday...just in case I don't get in to school to use the computer today. Except for me it's today and you're reading this tomorrow.)


votemom said...

try wearing them around your apartment an hour or two during the day. that's what i do and it works. after a couple of weeks, my feet are good to go.

Anonymous said...

oh i've done EXACTLY the same thing!! too many times to count.

i just hate to give up on shoes. especially because my feet are hard to fit so when i find shoes i like it's rare and exciting.

sandy said...

What I want to know is how the Russian women wear the shoes they do. How can their feet not be totally destroyed after walking two blocks?

Heidi said...

Cruel shoes. That's what we call them in my family.
Seems everyone has a pair.
Give 'um the boot!

beckyww said...

Is your nickname "Emelda?"

kate said...

Believe me, vote, I've TRIED. These shoes won't work. I don't know if they're slightly too big and so they're rubbing or slightly too small and so they're rubbing.

I've tried antiperspirant on my feet, too. No go.

Bex, I am soooo not a shoe-lover. I don't even like shoes. I don't understand the fascination with them. But I don't like feet either, so they need to be covered. ;> These were both attempts at having one all-purpose sandal. And I paid money for them! Sigh.

votemom said...

K & A call shoes that fit "cinderella shoes". no kidding.

smart little cookies they are.

Anonymous said...

Kate, I do the same thing. Don't know why, but I do. I actually had one pair of sandals for 10 years--and the soles cracked all the way through--and they never did get comfy for walking in.

Now, on to another subject. You guessed it--elephants! I just bought "Oh the Places You'll Go" today. Don't think I had it as a kid. Do you know the book? (Yeah, I'm asking a 2nd grade teacher if she knows Dr. Seuss!) Well, did you ever notice, when you get past the Waiting Room, the next time you turn the page...it's a page full of ELEPHANTS?! I had to laugh when I saw that. I think you're on the page between the waiting room and all the elephants right now. Hope that page turns soon for you!

And here's another:

Unknown said...

After seeing Toy Story, I have a hard time giving Woody and Buzz Lightyear to Goodwill, even though no one plays with them. I do not, however, have that problem with all the other toys. But I don't want to hurt W and B's feelings. I am strange, I know.