25 May 2009


I can't decide if I want to

  • burst into tears
  • go to bed
  • laugh hysterically or
  • scream
I think this teaser-followed-by-no-news is getting to me.

So is the face of the eight-year-old that I *think* is one of the sisters. Oh, I'm hoping, hoping, hoping she is; that the sisters are who I think they are. I don't want my face (and my heart) to fall if the pictures on the MOE's screen don't match up with the pictures on my screen. Oh, I hope that doesn't happen!

I called my friend Marina tonight and asked, "Just how common is X (**not the real initial) as a last initial?"

"Don't worry. It's very common, Katoosh. Everything is fine."

"No. I was hoping it wasn't common. That way the chances that these two are sisters is greater. See?"

"Oh. They're both X?"

"Yes. Xxxxx X. and Yxxxx X. (**yeah--not their real names, either)"

"Oh. Well, it's not as common as (long pause) P. Or (long pause) V. But it's not like an immigrant's name. It's still a Russian name. But you're right. It's not a common initial. I'm sure they're sisters. It's them."

That's a good friend, eh? ;>

Oh. You guys have a three-day weekend, don't you? No wonder things are so quiet. ARGH! That means my agency has s three-day weekend, too. Sigh. Will stop looking for news today.Tomorrow is one of S's days at the MOE. Mozhet bit... (Maybe...)


julian said...

well, the bright side is that the Russian side has a day to get info to the American side and on Tuesday the US side should get some news for you!

votemom said...

i can physically FEEL what you are feeling at this moment. i remember it acutely. it's exhausting.

take comfort that there are lots of us out here that are FEELING with you.

keep looking where you are supposed to look!

Barb said...

I actually thought that Xxxxx X an Yxxxx X were cute names . . . might be hard to pronounce though . . .

Breathe deep - it's most assuredly because of the holiday you haven't heard anything, right?

You are in my thoughts!!

Annie said...

Well....I suppose the question would be - are there any other sets of (likely) sisters that fit the ages?

I get the feeling you are not having too many qualms about the ages anymore. (I have a knowing little smile on my face.)

votemom is right; it is exhausting but somehow so tremendously exciting, too.

Anonymous said...

yes - 3 day weekend over here. so sorry that it means you are having to wait longer! argh!!

I am crossing fingers and toes (which makes it hard to walk, but whatever) that the pictures match up. Dying to hear when you hear...

Anonymous said...

Hee. That's awesome. So not common at all, then. ;)

ps you must now share the stick figure drawing!

Jenni said...

I know this wait must be killing you! I remember how anxious I was during that time too - you're so close to a referral, and that almost seems to make the wait worse.

I'm hoping you hear something tomorrow.

Maura said...

Oh, the anxiety for you right now. I also remember that feeling just prior to receiving a referral.

I hope you hear SOON, and hear the news you want to hear about "the" sisters.

Tina in CT said...

Yes, today was a holiday (Memorial Day) so we had a long weekend.

Hopefully you'll hear something tomorrow from your agency.

Are there other sisters in the age bracket you were told?

kate said...

Annie, there are no other sets of sibs that I can see on the database. But that's the key phrase-- on the database. It's famous for its inaccuracy. But it was just updated...

Interesting--not many six-year-olds. Lots of darling eight-year-olds.

No. Not a single qualm about age. ;>

Barb, I'd keep those names but had the same thought you did--unpronounceable to English speakers. Maybe as middle names? HA!

Thanks for all the btdt!

Holly said...

Holy CoW!!!
I hope you find out soon.
"I feel your pain!"

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Kate! I remember when the picture I had for weeks, the one that I "thought" was my daughter..was gone in an instant..and was replaced with the beautiful angel face of our sweet Hannah. Not the face that I "thought" but ac little person that exceeded all dreams and all expectations. You will see the face(s) of your daughter(s) very soon..I can feel it! :)