04 November 2009


time* from books to bed

Monday: 12 minutes (wow)
Tuesday: 1 hour 15 minutes**

*this time includes prayers, good nights, and lullabyes/rocking

**on Tuesday, it also included a bottle--those 15 minutes may be subtracted from the total time listed as the bottle, if needed, usually precedes books


Barb said...

Very soon, it will consistently be 20 minutes! I have loved getting caught up on the last 4 blog posts. Lexi is so cute in the wings and tutu! And the jumping for joy was so very sweet!! So happy for you two!

yjwebers said...

Did she have a bottle at the orphanage? Because you have done so much preparing, I assume this is something recommended. Is it for attachment? Please enlighten someone who knows nothing about adoption.

Maura said...

You are doing so well - you've done such a great job at establishing your routines, and adjusting them as needed for Lexi's attachment, or the wants and needs of a particular day.

The total bed-prep time will stop bouncing around at some point. Just get as much sleep as you can for yourself in the meantime. :-)

Unknown said...

Sounds like Lexi is keeping life interesting for you!