03 November 2009

joyful jumping

This is from about a week and a half ago...I think. The date stamp is when I uploaded it and not when it was taken. Helpful. Just love the video camera.

(so not.)


votemom said...

oh that precious little accent!!!!! how i wish my girls still spoke/understood their native language.

my girls liked watching this two times!

and anna practiced saying sasha's "new name" ;o)

p.s. is she jumping barefoot?

Lindy D. said...

Your joyful jumper is so sweet. And it is wonderful that she wants to view herself singing "Feed the Birds." I'd rather watch Lexi sing over Miss Andrews any day.

I am still so taken by what a lovely light-filled apartment you have and how homey you have made it.

yjwebers said...

She loves that Sesame Street - J jump :) I loved reading about your day in the life. Thanks!!

Annie said...

So sweet! Happy girl!

Unknown said...

Uh, the child has some seriously good rhythm, syncopated even. I'm so impressed, I like her spirit and her ways more every post.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, that was just so sweet!