09 November 2009

praying for lera

For the past year, a good friend of mine has been praying for a little girl in Russia. She was assigned to be her "prayer warrior" through the wonderful ministry, Reece's Rainbow, which specializes in placing children with Down Syndrome from various countries.
She was thrilled when she received Lera as her little girl to pray for, as Lera is Russian, and was born the very week that her girls were born.

In Russia, if a Down Syndrome child is not adopted by the age of 4, they go into an institution and can never be adopted.

Since Lera turned 4 in August, my friend was afraid bad news was coming. Sure enough, yesterday afternoon, she received the email below. Would you please stop, today, (which, ironically is Orphan Sunday), and pray specifically that God would work a miracle and prompt a family to start the process to adopt little lera?
Dear S,
I know you are the Reece's Rainbow prayer warrior for Lera in Russia. We just received word that Lera will be transferred to an institution in the next few days or weeks at most. She will not be able to be adopted (ever) once transferred as Russia's institutions are closed. If a family comes forward in the next few days and commits to her then she won't be transferred. I am letting you know so that you can send up some urgent prayers for her. She is a beautiful little girl and is located in St. Petersburg.


Amy...who wanted 4. said...

Oh my gosh!
You are killing me.
Praying for her today.

Unknown said...

sick, I am just sick over this. PRAYING!

Maura said...

Praying for Lera today. She is a precious child.

Crayon said...

I've been praying for her.

nicole said...

kate do you know if lera found her home???i have seen her still on reeces im helping fundraise for reeces with some doll donations and for a little boy named ivan whose mom I have become friends with..huggs from canada..