21 November 2009

i confess

i'm a handwashing hypocrite.

yes, Yes, YES! Did you wash your hands? With soap? WARM water?

between the hours of going-to-bed and the-first-number-is-seven:
Nooo. It's night. (Don't do anything that might wake you up further!!)

i heard lexi telling her doll (they were playing bedtime, a favorite game) that it was night. we don't need to wash hands at night.



june said...

haha... we skip the handwashing at the 10:30 pm bathroom trip too, for much the same reason.

Tammy said...

LOL, the night time certainly has different rules! I don't flush the toilet around the 3-4 AM time because that is prime time for Zachary to wake up and not fall back asleep!

Annie said...

They pick up on every detail, don't they?

Lindsay said...

I believe it is a scientific fact that germs need daylight to grow ;)