22 March 2011

another house for you to peruse

This one has kateish potential...found by my friend, Nif, in the corn-filled state. ;>

I am leery of buying a house in this economy. I don't think it will be as easy to sell when we want to leave again. And, if we head back overseas, I don't think we can manage a renter.

Still looking. Still praying. Still hoping.

Thanks for joining us!


ALPAL said...

Love all that natural light especially in the kitchen. Even covered in all that white stuff, it is an adorable house. Just not very close to us, but closer than where you are now, of course.

Devon said...

Hey Kate-
The house is cute! But, yes, it would be better to wait to buy until you are ready to firmly plant your feet, I suppose. Of course, there are LOTS of options to rent a house now, many with the option to buy at a later date. Might be the best of both worlds.


P.S. The governor released his budget, so you might be able to find some more info on if the program you were looking for in Ohio will still be available.

Barb said...

My gosh . . . I think it's a fantastic house . . . To me, it seemed super cheap, but I come from a different country and city, so I guess I can't price compare;)

votemom said...

i can just see you two living here!