24 March 2011

a little smile

It was after supper. The dryer and washer were both going strong and I was changing the sheets on my bed. (Yesterday marked my first reported case of lice in my teaching career. Of course, he had it last Thursday and reported it yesterday. Nice, huh?)

I have conferences tomorrow and quite a bit of work to do before then. Lice-boy's mom is going to be a handful. There are many things to mark.

I am still "play-lagged" , for want of a better term.

It's been snowing pretty solidly for the last two days. Notice I said neither it's still snowing nor snowing again. I can't figure out how long of a pause pushes you from still to again status.

I thought we'd go to Sochi for April break, but am less and less convinced the pebble beach will count as beach. Cyprus is a possibility. I'd just like to stay home...but think we need some time away.

I really do like that house, have developed a stubborn sort of internet crush on it, but realized that it's very unlikely that any bank will give me a mortgage--even though I refer to myself as "on sabbatical" rather than "unemployed". They may not appreciate the difference.

I also heard just this afternoon that the program that would let us get Lexi's ptsd therapy free wasn't cut from the state budget.

So which one constitutes a lightning bolt? The house or the budget? I think each cancels out the other, bolt-wise, and God continues to chuckle at me. Fondly, of course, but I think He chuckles nonetheless, knowing how easy this will all look in hindsight.

So, in all, a mind brim-full and whirring.

And then, as I was changing the sheets, I sneezed. Twice.

And a little voice from all the way across the house interrupted her story and called out, "Bless you, bless you."

To which I replied, "Thank you, thank you." and received in return, "Welcome, welcome," before the storytelling resumed.

And that exchange brushed away the kaleidoscope of thoughts (that's exactly it--I'm waiting and watching for a lightning bolt, but seem to have picked up a kaleidoscope rather than the binoculars I thought I was looking through) gave me a little smile.

Just thought I'd share it with you.


A Room to Grow said...

The house is really cute. Do you have someone local who can check it out for you?

As for loans and your employment status, do you have a family member who will co-sign for you?

Lindsay said...

I have so much to catch up on with you and Lexi (for some reason your posts have not shown up on my RSS). We too are thinking about Cyprus (I want to see my birth place) - or were right up until this weeks financial catastrophe. Now all hangs in the balance while the bank hopefully sorts stuff out.

Love the house - bet you like the idea of snow melting gently :) Kitchen looks so light and airy. And I love the idea and peace of a pond. You've made me yearn to move from my apartment!

Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Lightening bolts!

Good to know that the OH budget was not cut. I know many who will be quite pleased.

Know that I'm praying for you.

And, I love the 'bless you bless you' interaction :)


june said...

love that house!