13 March 2011

hear me roar

It's 5:20.

I have:

  • taken a shower (that counts)
  • read Lexi two books while she ate breakfast
  • driven to Mega. and back.
  • shopped at Ashan (groceries, play props and a possible costume), Children's World (new rain boots for Lexi), Lush (no Angels. drat.), and the fabric store (for a brown boa)
  • taken Lexi out for her favorite lunch while at Mega--IKEA hot dogs and ice cream
  • stopped by school for glue gun and orange felt
  • ran into principal at school and chatted a bit about snarky parent strategy
  • called the snarky parent, was kind but very clear, and left her with no case--and her child gets to finish the show
  • spray painted slippers, a "goblet" and an egg gold (and glittered the egg)
  • started the wolf's hat...but ran out of hot glue sticks
  • made Lexi's chicken costume
  • done spelling homework
  • made pasta sauce, cooked chicken and potatoes, set beans to soak and put pizza for Lexi in the oven (we have to pack lunch for us both as always AND dinners for Lexi this week as we'll not be home until 6:30 at the very, very earliest)
  • watched admiringly as Lexi rode her bike in the living room, had a pretend picnic, and danced--all in her getting-too-small bikini
  • listened to her tell me 15 times that her belly is showing and it's okay that her belly is showing in her bathing suit because it is still modest
  • filled and ran both the dishwasher and washing machine
  • finished the brownies (with help)
  • found the green blanket and turned it into a princess "dress"
  • typed this up

Still on the cards:
  • make soup
  • bath/hair wash/blow for Lexi
  • dry and fold clothes
  • empty dishwasher
  • polish Lexi's toenails (I have just been informed of this.)

What we didn't do today:
  • get to church. (I know.)
  • bump in to my neighbor (oh yeah--the possibly-bullied child is a. new-ish and b. living two flights up) to find out more about the given circs


Dawn said...


Barb said...

You are one busy, busy lady! Hope everything goes well!!
Is there where I'm supposed to say, "break a leg"?

beckyww said...

I'm exhausted reading this list.

Lindsay said...

Women - we are born to multi-task!