01 March 2011

wanna see some houses?

I don't plan to buy. It just doesn't seem wise in this market to commit to a house in a location that I'm not mad-keen on and know I want to settle there. For a loooong time. And, I'm still trying to get excited about the Midwest. But, I can't help looking. ;>

Here are two houses that are near two good friends. The one in Cinci belongs to friends of friends and *might* be able to be rented.

Both have excellent libraries and park 'n' rec activities nearby. Both have nice backyards.

I'm not sure I can take the weather in Iowa or the bureaucracy in Ohio. But, I also think it will only be for two years...and then we'll have to dive back into the international teaching scene. It's not like we're moving somewhere forever. We just need a little tower to get us by for the next little bit of time.

This is in Fairfield, Ohio just outside Cinci. (Doesn't it look like Kerry's old house, friends-of-Kerry and Kerry Herself?)

This is just outside Ames, Iowa in Gilbert (aka the 1950's). I wonder if I have to wear heels and pearls to homeschool if I live in the 50's...

I saw some in Chattanooga (near you, B!) that are possible, too.

And so the search continues!


ALPAL said...

I would be looking, too, if I were you. The Ohio house is huge with a lot of grass to mow. The Iowa one has a lot of snow, but cute. Let your heart lead you, my dear. You will figure it out!

Debbie said...

Stacey lived in Ames for several years and loved it there! Don't forget to look for places with good, supportive churches, where you will find friends, activities, and a sense of community. :)

Barb said...

Nice houses . . . . Can't wait to hear where you finally end up:)

Holly said...

I've been searching houses, too. I can't imagine moving again so soon after buying a house, though. I plan to buy one and stay put until Grace is at least in high school, if not college.

Fun to think about a new place, isn't it?

yjwebers said...

No pearls and high heels, sweat pants are more common. As for the fear of corn, you can look at corn fields from afar (the car) and not go in them. :) Winters in Iowa are colder than Colorado, but I can't imagine they are worse than Russia.
Love, Nif