09 September 2007

the plot thus far

Yesterday, September 8, marked 18 months from the time I announced my plans to adopt. It's hard to pick a length of time when someone asks me how long I've been in-process. I've wanted to adopt since I was in junior high. I knew it was time to adopt when I gave up life upon the wicked stage (it's a song--sing along if you know it) and went back to teaching. So there's never really been a specific time from which I can date things. How long have I been in process? 25 years? Close to four years? It seems best to date it from the moment I opened my mouth and said, "Go!" That would be 18 months ago.

Remember this post about me adopting an elephant? (You new readers have no excuse--it's in the sidebar and alluringly titled.) Well, if I finish in the next four months, that will be true. Right now that seems to be cutting it a little close. My I-171H expires on 6 March. I'm hoping to be finished by then. That would put me just shy of 24 months. It's a nice round number. Actually, it's not really nice. And, it's not really round. I think you have to be a multiple of 5 to be really round. Since we're dealing in base-12, I suppose 24 is round-ish.

September 8th is an important day in St. Petersburg. It's the day the seige began. All over town buses are carrying posters that say, "We remember." The siege of Leningrad lasted 900 days. (That's a round number.) Nine hundred days! It makes my little siege seem pathetically short. While I'm VERY hopeful that my adoption doesn't take 900 days (that would take us to right about this time next year) I am confident that I can outlast anything that is put in my path.

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about the internet? I have. I do. I think it's safe to say that there is some horrible, evil stuff out there--and the internet gives ready access to it. But, like all things, I believe that the internet can be used to work for Good. I have been so blessed to connect with people across the world who support me and my d2b both in prayer and with good wishes. I'm amazed at the friends I've made on this journey. A cyber-friend (who is extremely supportive and spends a lot of time checking in on me and offering encouragement) recently put me in touch with an irl friend of hers. It turns out, her irl friend has been reading my blog and praying for me every night for a long time now. Amazing! I didn't even know it. Another cyber-friend e-mailed me recently to say he had a strong sense that the verse, "Be still and know that I am God" was meant for me right now. It came at just the right time. I had just started to re-read Peretti's This Present Darkness and was feeling that a battle was being fought on my behalf. I spent the next day or two with the songs, God is Bigger than the Boogie Man and Amy Grant's Angels in my heart and on my lips. I have a faithful friend who keeps up with my journey despite the very busy life she has now and is quick to offer support--and cd's. All this in addition to my amazing IRL friends whom I know have had me covered all along. This blog has been a way to keep them updated with the trials and victories I've had along the way. It's an amazing thing.

(Thank you to ALL of you 100 or so people who read my blog each day and keep me well-supported. I value each and every one of you. Thank you for your comments and your e-mails.)

This year, there was another big event that took place on 8 September. I was reunited with my now-working car. Even the windshield wipers work now (wow, I've actually mentioned my wipers in two previous posts...a little sad)! Yes, it needed a new alternator. It cost about 8400 rubles for the jump start and escort, recharging the battery, checking all electronics, parts and labor for replacing the alternator and some dead bulbs (umm...like my brake light). I thought that was a pretty fair price. Then I asked them to winterize--change the oil and filter and check my fluids. That was going to cost over 12,000 rubles. The oil change alone was going to be 3000 rubles. Welcome to Russia! Still, I can't pay over $100 for an oil change. I bet there's somewhere online I can figure out how to do it myself (said the little red hen).

So, September 8 was a big day. Today it's September 9 and I'm ready to continue on my journey (see, there's the car bit tied in) with the support of friends and family (paragraphs 4 & 5 which seemed a little random should now make more sense) for however long it takes (siege reference) to complete my adoption and bring my little elephant home (and we're back to the top).


Melissa said...

I check in on your blog almost daily. I have commented a few times, but honestly I lurk more than comment. I appreciate your insight and wit. I am praying for your adoption journey and that you will soon be united with the daughter God intended you to have.

Lauri said...

Always Hoping, Praying, Wishing... that soon your D2B will be in your loving arms

Tami said...

We're praying daily...praying for your safety, praying for your health and praying that this adoption will start moving along a quicker pace!
But I also know that you know... no matter how long this 'pregnancy' takes, in the end it is worth all of the hand cramps, all of the papercuts, all of the sticky tongues from postage stamps and envelopes.
We'll keep praying for it to be your time to 'deliver' soon...and that if it is in His will, it will be twins! ;)
P.S. - I'm so glad you got your car back!

Deb said...

You have such a great outlook on this wait. I'm sure it's not always that way.
Glad you got your car back. $100 for an oil change!!!!! It's easy to change but messy (never done it but have watched hundreds of times) and here you can't just throw out the old oil so I'm not sure if you could do it. Ask your friend that knows a little about cars to do it for you.

Rachael said...

I agree, it's time to wrap up this plot and get some closure (and a nice little happy ending). Then you can start Part II to this story. You do tell a good story though.

Sofia said...


Where to begin...we'll i found your blog from the expatwomen website and as i was reading your post a large smile appeared across my face!
To start i think what you are doing, adopting, is a great thing and i have so much respect for people who can go through this entire process. I did a research paper on russian adoption when i was in high school so i know a bit about it. I, myself, am russian (currently in Moscow.) but i spent my entire life in the US up until a year ago when i moved to Vienna...and then Bulgaria...so now perhaps you understand why finding another ex-pat in russia was so thrilling for me! I hope you'll check out my blog aswell to know a bit about me, and if you dont mind i'd like to keep reading yours...its interesting for me to see how other ex-pats react to things.
Well, once again good luck with everything! God Bless and i hope we can stay in contact, if you dont mind.


6blessings said...

Hang in there! She will be home soon!

Christy said...
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Debi said...

Kate...I hope that your book one ends soon so that the next one cane begin...

Unknown said...

Well, if you're going to have an elephant it is much better to be adopting than bio = ouch!

You have had a long journey, but it will be so worth it. And no matter how long it takes, God will be with you every step of the way - and so will the prayer partners.

Anonymous said...

Once I told my sister that she was really an elephant since she was 6 weeks late...now I am going to think of you when I see elephants.

thinking and praying for you!

Maura said...

Kate - you are truly a great story teller, and I do hope this first book ends very soon so we can get to the sequel!

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that everything comes together for you very soon.

Jackie said...

Thanks for your blog, Kate. (it's Jackie/Pipi from SOA). I look forward to following your journey and wishing you well.

ferenge mama said...

hooray for baby elephants. I'm only on month 14 of my journey, but am pretty convinced about the elephantine proportions of this whole effort.

You have such a good team of supporters and - perhaps even more important - a fantastic attitude.

The little one who ends up in your family will surely be blessed.

Calico Sky said...

I am so glad you are feeling positive and know everyone who reads is here to support you!
Best wishes for D2B always!