15 September 2007


Just a quickie to let you know that things are going well. I've so enjoyed the opportunity to watch the transformation in this little one. On Wednesday night she was very serious. She would look at books or toys, but did it dutifully. She wanted to be held the entire time.

Thursday, when she arrived, she just relaxed (I'm sure it's partly because Mum did, too) and seemed at ease. She went to sleep easily and though she protested her bath, it was with less spirit than the night before.

Last night (Friday) she was cheerful and playing. She happily comes to play with me or on her own and checks in with her Mum. She enjoyed being tickled, and laughed and laughed. She stayed in the bath without crying. She was very perplexed when we took off some clothes (like her tights..and then eventually all but her onesie). She kept trying to put more clothes on. ;>

This morning she's been happy--singing and playing and smiling. She's enjoying running around barefoot. She's eating and sleeping well. She just woke up from her morning nap and is smiling and flirting. What a change! She still won't drink anything, so we're feeding her lots of soups and fruits. (Any ideas here? We've used different cups and glasses and beverages...)

Some of this is due simply to the amount of sleep she's getting. She's been able to get back to a sleep schedule that is more normal now that she's not running around to various offices and has a crib instead of a makeshift bed. Bringing her here and putting her in the portacrib (thanks to a generous friend--who also sent along some great toys) made a big difference. Some of it is that she's learning more about her new world. Some of it is, I'm sure, that Mum's feeling more at ease. My flat is more homey than the one she had been staying in. And some of it is my cat. Really--Beazy is fascinating to her. The sight of her always brings a big smile and some chat.

They had good news yesterday. Their visa to the UK was processed in record time. The people in the office said they'd NEVER had a visa processed so quickly. They are headed home on Monday rather than Wednesday!

I'm off to play. Who can resist a smiling baby? And, by the way, she walked straight to me last night as she called, "Kate!" when Mum asked if she was looking for me. The girl is obviously a genius. ;>


Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist being the first to respond. It sounds like you are having a delightful time. It reminds me of visits we had when my almost 10 year old was little. Happy Birthday a day early! Love, Nif

6blessings said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. Have you tried a straw? Sometimes kids are fascinated with how a straw works. Blow bubbles, make it fun.

Glad to see the progress you're making on the adoption front.

votemom said...

i was going to suggest a straw too. i can't remember how old she is, but it might work.

i'm so glad to hear things are improving so quickly for her and for her mom!

votemom said...

oh, and happy birthday!

Jenni said...

I'm so glad to hear that she and her mom are doing better! What a blessing that you were able to offer them a more comfortable environment to begin their new life together. That's great news about the visa too!