27 April 2007

agency update

The saga continues...sort of.

No news from current agency. Am going to see if they can register me independently in Leningrad Oblast instead of St. P itself. Doubtful, but worth a try.

Still uncomfortable with agency 2--though they seem to be getting results.

Agency 3 will not work with me b/c I am a non-military ex-pat.

I've looked at two agencies that are still registering families. One won't work with me b/c I'm an ex-pat. The other isn't responding to e-mails (still) and has a mixed reputation.

Short post, eh? It seems as if I'm staying the course with my current agency. There is something to be said for closed doors...


Tami said...

Is there any chance of you doing this adoption independently...just working with a facilitator to help you with the paperwork? It's been almost five years since we adopted from Russia, so it may have changed, but I know at the time there were several people who were adopting independently. We considered it for awhile but ended up chickening out. But you're in-country...I think you could handle it.

Maura said...

There is indeed something to be said for closed doors. It looks like it's leading you to stay the course, but I hope it also takes you to a better place about it. Having used your waiting energy to check options that are not panning out should at least make you feel good that there isn't a "better way" out there that you're missing. Oh that things move along soon for you!