17 April 2007

just another tuesday

Living in St. P has allowed me the privilege of meeting many brand new families. I met my friend Jenn when she and her husband were here adopting their gorgeous son. Lauren invited me meet the amazing Cupcake while they were waiting it out in Moscow. And, Rachael graciously let me spend an evening with her incredible new daughter, reassuring me about some age questions I had about d2b.

Ann Marie and Zach came and stayed with me while they were here meeting Bee. It was fun to see the city through a new pair of eyes. They appreicated the stunning architecture of the city. Ann Marie claims to like driving in Russia (note: she only rode...which may alter her opinion). They enjoyed blinis and hot chocolate and fish "pie" (Stolle's was out of chicken).

It was funny to see what cultural norms I've taken on board from living here without even realizing it. On the first night, Z asked me how to say good evening in Russian. I told him, thinking he was getting ready for a trip into a shop. A few seconds later I realized, with great shock, what it was he planned to do. "You're not going to talk to people on the street? Just people we're passing?" It hadn't even occured to me that he would do that when he'd asked. And, I am the person who makes it my mission to make x number of people smile at me when walking down the streets of NYC or London. It's usually an easy task--smile and they'll smile back. But, the thought of simply greeting people on the street had completely left my daily life. (I still smile--which marks me as a fool. "What do you Americans have to smile about all the time?")

Here's one thing that made us all smile. It's one of my favourite directional indication signs in St. P:

Obviously, it's the right lane that makes me giggle. It thought we could all use a giggle right about now.


votemom said...

ok i am totally stealing that picture. it says so much.... and only minimally about traffic!

i want so much to be able to meet you one day..... don't know if it will work, but it's my heart's desire.

something to pray about ;o)

Holly said...

And they think you're crazy for smiling too much? LOL

Boy, does that sign scream adoption or what?!

mommyto5 said...

Love the sign and how awesome is it everyone you have met,friends you will have for a lifetime. That is what this adoption community is all about:)

Anonymous said...


Maura said...

I love that your friend wanted to greet everyone on the street. I'm a big "street smiler", and I got some strange looks in Russia. (although I get strange looks in Boston sometimes, too!)

And I love that sign - it really is the perfect image for the crazy road called adoption.

6blessings said...

That sign is hilarious!! Glad you get to meet so many people. That's neat!

Rachael said...

OK, thanks for the tip, I'll stop staying hi and smiling on the streets now! I wondered how they always know I'm American. :)
It's killing me to get so behind on reading my blogs, but I had a moment where Katya is quietly playing with her toy horses in the lobby at the hotel here, and I'm finished posting and checking my email, so I quick checked to see what you've been up to!
Thanks again for the lovely time we had together last week!
Love the sign, the driving here makes me crazy, and I'm just riding!

Deb said...

I remember well picking up Guateisms while living there.
I love that sign. So creative. And I think our directions are bad.