13 April 2007

seven is little

I'm still mulling things over. New things to consider:

Agency 1--nothing.

Agency 2--Ex-pat friends here have accepted a referral and will have court next month.

Agency 3-- I met the amazing Katya and her MOM today. Seven isn't as big as I thought...It sounded SO much older than six to me when I started looking at "waiting children". But, now... A rep is calling me on Wednesday to talk with me about their program.

BIG thanks to Rachael for letting me play with her gorgeous daughter. It was a privilege to be a part of their special day.

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Shannon said...

HI! I am Rachael's sister in NY. She mentioned something about bumping into you today and I couldnt imagine who you were or how she would know you... then I opened your blog that is in the side line and started reading some of yours and when I came across this entry, It all made since. Your so lucky to get to meet them. Be sure to say hello to them from me.
Its a small world afterall...