02 April 2007

vive la france

I have now had my hair bobbed in five different countries. The best haircut award goes to...France!


Anonymous said...

No picture of the new do?

Lauri said...

Pictures... I want a new bob hair do... you must post pics

kate said...

But, see, this ISN'T the French bob. That one was in October. This is the Russian bob..which doesn't win awards.

Ann Marie arrives tomorrow! If she takes any publishable pix, I'll post them. Deal?

Rachael said...

I was going to comment and offer that if you need anything from the U.S. "couriered" to you on my next trip, I'd be happy to. I know you must get homesick at times. Then, I noticed that you are getting visitors this week! How nice, hope you have a great time. The offer still stands (you can email contact me through my profile), but I'll only be in St. Petes for 2 days (12th and 13th) before FINALLY heading to Moscow then home with child.

votemom said...

a verse for you today:

the same LORD is the LORD of all and gives many blessings to all who trust in Him.

rom 10:12

here's to watching for those blessings and finding joy in the ones He chooses for us.

Calico Sky said...

they do do good do's!