05 April 2007

at loose ends

Yeah, when I post about hair you know I'm drawing a blank.

It's spring break. I've got oodles of time on my hands. I could be getting my 1040 finished and notarized, but my agency is having selective amnesia. They are telling me that I cannot notarize here. Hmmm...V helped me do that for all my signature docs just a month ago...

I could be switching agencies, but it seems precipitous. I want to make a logical and not an emotional decision. (This is a distinct disadvantage to being single: you do not the the luxury of someone else making logical decisions when you're less than logical.) So, I'm looking around a little and praying a lot. There is another agency I'm interested in...but it would take a lot of paperwork changes (increasing age ranges on my hs and my immigration forms). I'm not sure how my current agency would react. (Yes, I am a trained people-pleaser from way back. I'm working on it.)

I could be shopping! But, I don't know what sizes to shop for. And, I've really got the basics pretty well covered in multiple sizes. Ask Ann Marie. Besides, I don't want to shop here. Everything is expensive. I don't really need anything more than I need to save. I'm a pretty good saver.

I could be cleaning, but I've done that.

I could be reviewing my Russian vocab or scrapbooking or reading or even watching LOST, but my brain is fuzzy and my eyes are tired b/c I had caffeine yesterday after six.

I could call and pester some of you, but you're all asleep. I could read blogs or websites, but since you're all asleep I know there is nothing new posted since my last troll through the web.

I could be posting something interesting, but nothing interesting is happening.

I could be making banana bread with all the bananas I have frozen in my freezer but...but...

Huh. Guess I'll bake.


votemom said...

i have bananas for bread in my freezer too.

i got your email. i will pray.

Cathy said...

Would investigating another agency be that bad? Seems like your current one is not exactly the most "johnny on the spot". Other than changing agencies or shopping, what about traveling somewhere fun? One of the good things is that you are located 3-4 hours away from a whole lot of fun places to visit! Hang in there!

Calico Sky said...

Oh Kate!!!

You are sooo right about the single bit, no one else with that vested interest!

I am glad you are looking at other agency options.

Another LOST fan??!! I haven't seen it since the end of season 2 (when I was at home) I was told it was on channel 4 here, but when I got here sky bought it and so now only on satellite :(

How's the baking going??

Melissa said...

So, how's the banana bread?

I've been checking in on your blog for a while. What an amazing and interesting life you have! I hope your adoption dreams work out soon with old or new agency. I'll be praying for you.

mommyto5 said...

Oh how yummy that banana bread sounds:) Prayers to ya Kate I know this is so difficult and a tough decision. I know you will make the decision that is best for you and your family. I too know during a difficult wait how important it is to have an agency you respect and trust. God Bless you(((hugs)))

6blessings said...

I hope you figured out what to do. Banana bread sounds wonderful! I used to make it a lot. Now my 12 year old considers it her "specialty".

Hope you figure out the agency thing. I think it is worth considering for sure.

BTW, the prayer is in CST. I have edited my post. Sorry I forgot it.

Melissa said...

you are funny.