19 April 2007

quickie agency non-update

How do things stand? Have I gotten closer to figuring out which agency it is that will get me to d2b? Um, not really.

No news from current agency.

With agency 2, I'm still weighing expense and legality against results. Results are losing.

Agency 3 re-scheduled our chat to Friday night. I wasn't best pleased. While they win so far on knowledge and costs, the thought of re-doing most of my dossier for a different region/agency is a little daunting. Still, it would give me something to DO while I wait for re-accred.

I've looked at a few other options. There are a couple of agencies working "independently" in the south of Russia. One is quite expensive. The other is not answering my e-mails. A friend is on their case, though.


6blessings said...

Hope you can make a decision. That's a tough one! Our agency does independent adoptions and is still currently sending people on referral trips and court dates. Email me if you want more information.

Maggie said...

Emailing you now!

votemom said...

check your mail.

mommyto5 said...

Thanks for the update, still praying for you...

Anonymous said...

decisions decisions....i sent you a long pm....get your coffee before you read it!
hugs and prayers