02 November 2007

Accreditation! (do-over)

Edited to subtract:

Hiya, folks. Sorry for the do-overs, but it was a case of tmi. (Sorry, too, if I messed up your bloglines playing with the template.)

My agency (well, the facilitators) has confirmed that the third batch of agencies, of which they are one, has received the needed signature from the Mininstry of the Interior. Their applications are now all signed and being sent to the Ministry of Education. Once it's confirmed the agencies are up-to-date with their post-placement reports (Have you done your ppr's?) then accreditation can be granted!

They anticipate this being accomplished in the next two weeks! Perfect timing with my hs visit coming up, eh?

It was especially nice that this news started leaking out right after FRUA's worldwide 24 hour prayer vigil.

Rejoice and be glad!


Anonymous said...

OH, KATE!!!!!!!!!!!! You've got it right about perfect timing, girl! I don't want to jinx things, but it sure seems like it's finally happening! I'm SO excited for you!

Rachael said...

SO, SO happy that things are finally moving for you.

I'll keep you and your d2b (whomever that may be -- F?) in my prayers.

Now go bake some muffins for that social worker.

Lisa said...

Yahoo! I'm so glad your agency is in the next batch! You and me girl, we're WAY overdue for some things to go our way!

ferenge mama said...

Yay yay YAY!!! And, can I just say: YAY!!!

So happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear it. I'm still hoping that April 26 will fall into your family leave time, so this timing seems good to me :).

Melissa said...

do you know who the other agencies are? That is great news for you. Hopefully yours will move along quickly now.

Tami said...

YEA!!! Woohooo!!!! I'm SO glad things are finally moving for you. We'll keep praying for you and d2b...that things will move swifly and that you'll be together soon!