19 November 2007


Tomorrow--two different judges will be hearing two different cases (one for a two-year-old girl and one for a brother and sister ages eight and three) of two different single moms who are here to adopt--both at 11:00 a.m.! I'm looking forward to hearing good news from S & B about their new families tomorrow evening.

Do you know the Sesame Street song about the little girls playing with their dollhouse and the kittens who knock things over? Was going to allude to that, and write this whole post to fit that song, but thought the reference might be too obscure. The song starts, One. Two. Two little girls. and later on goes Two little girls fed two dolls tea, feeling grown up as can be. and still later What's that soft pitter pat? One. Two. Two kitty cats! Ring any bells? I'll save Everybody Sleeps for another post.

** Note: B says she's seen lots of children in the children's homes (her children are in different homes). Her three-year-old's home has increased from about 80 children a few weeks ago to over 100 now.

Also, you'll have to wait for those snow pix until tomorrow because I left my camera at school. Sorry to be such a tease.


Anonymous said...

Oh man I remember that song. Kate -- you are totally wack for remembering that.

Congrats to these two families!

Anonymous said...

Ok - I don't remember that song at all...I will keep your fingers crossed for your friends and there court dates...Interesting to note that the new laws don't seem to be having much effect on the number of children in those orphanages (as opposed to other regions)...I hear that my former agency is days away from getting their accred. certificate - hopefully that means good things for you!

Anonymous said...

You mean this one? :)