02 November 2007

can't remember

How is cheese packaged in the US? Chicken?

Everything here is on styrofoam and then plastic wrapped. I really thought we'd done away with the styrofoam a while back in the US. Am I crazy?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, yes, you are crazy. As far as I am aware, it's still styrofoam then plastic wrapped. At least for meats. Not very green, I know.


Debi said...

cheese and meat are still packed the same way...it is like a time warp...we have a few (very few) that do not do that but yep...Styrofoam and plastic...how long have you been living away from here??

ferenge mama said...

prepackaged is still in styro/plastic.

but the good stuff (meat from the butcher, cheese from the cheese shop) is wrapped in wax paper.

i have a food snob friend who taught me to take ALL cheese out of plastic, and keep in in parchment or wax paper - it lasts longer and doesn't get slimey.

Tami said...

Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't remember the last time I bought meat in a styrofoam base. It's plastic here in the Midwest...wrapped with plastic-wrap.

Anonymous said...

cheese is on styrofoam? Really? Up here in the Great White North it's just in plastic. Meat is on styrofoam trays though. Often with those gross little pads underneath to soak up the juice.

Anonymous said...

Styrofoam, icky pads and plastic wrap...bleh. I've purchased cheese in all types of packaging.

Lauri said...

meat comes in a styrofoam or plastic dish and is covered in shrink wrap.

cheese is the same... plastic, but I get mine from the deli in special wax paper and zip baggies.

we are fighting colds here too