19 November 2007

you can go but be back soon

(name the musical)

It's report card week! That means I do nothing but report cards. Fun, huh?

To tide you over, I will put up pix of my class last Friday. It snowed big, fluffy flakes the whole time they were at p.e. It tapered off, the sun came out, and it was pleasantly warm (around 0C) by the time they got back. They were so late getting back from the gym (it's a short bus ride) that we only had 10 minutes before lunch. So, we went to take a picture. We played for a bit, relishing the chance to get play in all the new, unmarked snow all by ourselves.

After ten minutes we took a quick vote and decided to play first and then have lunch after. That meant that only second grade was out of the playground for about 45 minutes. There were no big kids to boss us around and take the "good snow" and no littler kids to get in our way. It was great! They made HUGE snowballs and we even managed to stack two of them. It was a fun way to celebrate our first REAL snow! This recess was proclaimed by one of my students, with all the joy and hyberbole of a seven-year-old, the best recess of my whole life!


Anonymous said...


Maggie said...

Thank you very much. I'm going to be singing that song all night.

Lea said...

Oh how fun! That does sound like the best recess ever. You are a fun teacher!

Anonymous said...

It's from Oliver. And why haven't YOU come back soon? Love from El Paso

Melissa said...

I hated doing report cards and having conferences. Yuck. Wish you well.