12 November 2007

not much to report

I was greeted this morning with a cheerful, "So, Miss X, didja get your family?" and the day ended with "Katoosh, Katoosh, what did they say? When will you know about the girl?" It was a nice sandwich to the day. However, explaining the vagaries of timing in Russian adoption is beyond the comprehension of a second grader and beyond my abilities to explain in Russian. The best I could do was, "Maybe after new year's."

Sorry to leave everyone hanging. I'm afraid we'll all have to hang on a little bit longer. No eta for the hs as yet. I'll send a few friendly nudging e-mails this week.

Car was taken to visit the mechanic today. He thinks it's not driven enough.(Seems to be a common Russian diagnosis.) When I told him I drove it Friday and it didn't start Saturday it sort of shot down that theory. It's getting hooked up to a computer for diagnosis tonight. And, since my brother didn't make it out here in October, I'll spring for the $100 oil change. (Whodathunk?)

I was going to post a picture of a huge political ad for you today. I brought my camera to work. It was daylight after school. That threw me. I headed home in a daze, wondering at the light sky. And, yes, I forgot to take the picture. I've a teacher's meeting tomorrow (yuck) but will do my best.


Rachael said...

Hope it's working again soon!

Any luck with Vladimir?

P.S. So who called you Katoosh? Co-worker or student? Co-worker, I hope. That's our fave nickname around here. Sometimes it gets shortened to "Toosh"

second grade said...

rach--don't want to call him until my car is fixed.

cleaner at school (older than me) called me Katoosh in this story.