06 November 2007


(Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with hat sizes.)

There is an additional good thing about my car being broken. My sw was expecting me to pick her up at the airport. While this would save me some money, I'm not sure that me driving like a maniac (read: like the rest of the drivers here...though I'm not on par with most of them) is really the best first impression. With traffic the way it is, that drive from the airport can take over an hour. It can be a tense drive, especially on a Friday, and one that is not conducive to small talk. While I do usually manage to curb my tongue, my mental language is always really bad during a trafficky drive. And, once we got here, I'd have to parallel park (and not on the sidewalk). Not the best way to start a homevisit with a new sw. I shudder to think.

Walking her from her hotel (from whence she's asked me to collect her--and there's nothing wrong with "whence"; it's preferable to ending with a preposition, imho) to my flat will create a much better first impression. I'm not a half-bad tour guide...though I'm not certified. (Just a little in joke for those who've been on a tour with a certified guide...)

So, maybe 3/4 full was too conservative an estimate. Maybe that glass is more like 11/16 full.


Debi said...

you glass is fine...you are going to do great...I agree with you about the drive from the airport...good move..

votemom said...

thinking of you!!

Jim said...

Oh, you're a fine tour guide.

Hope your car problem isn't a huge mess.

I will be praying for your social worker visit.

Rachael said...

OK...if the not picking her up at the airport is a good thing...did you mean 13/16ths? Or are you screwing with my head with math?! :)

I think you will make a lovely first impression AND walking tour guide!

Best of luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you - I bet you are a pro on giving people a walking tour!!!! Thinking of you for your visit!!!

Maggie said...

11/16ths is a good percentage. I'd say that's quite a rosy outlook!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you can soooo parallel park. The visit will go well and this woman will be in awe of the city and not listen to a thing you're saying anyway. Bring up the Romanovs a few times and she'll be mush.

Tami said...

I don't know...the journalist in me is screaming about using the word 'whence!' ;>)
You're going to do great!
How can she not be impressed?! AnnMarie's right...just drop a few Romanov facts around and it'll all be over but the blue ink on the dotted line. (Make sure it's blue ink! ;)

ferenge mama said...

I hereby salute you as a fellow Person Who Cares About Grammar.

The world needs more of use PWCAGs.

As my father always said, "Never use a preposition to end a sentence with."

Wait a minute.

The McCollum Adoption said...

You will do great. Hoping all gose well with the new SW.


kate said...

ann marie, i've not been able to parallel park ever since that miraculous parking job. my car doesn't fit any more! what happened?

Lori said...

Hi Kate, So jealous that you are there in beautiful Russia...I wish I had done something that cool when I was still single with no kids...We don't have travel dates yet...keep checking in!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts when I can get here and read them and your description of driving in tense traffic and relief of not having to do so.


Jennefer said...

I think picking up people at the airport is always stressful if you live in any kind of big city.

I hate to parallel park too. If I am looking for a parking spot and I see parallel spots open I just see them as nonparking spots and I end up parking far away to avoid them.