28 April 2009

fortnight plus?

No news yesterday.

No news today. Yet.

I did show tremendous restraint and waited to e-mail until today. M always says that she'll e-mail me as soon as she has news, and I'm sure she would, but news always seems to come right after I e-mail her.

When I woke up yesterday, there was a song with what I think d2b's name will be in it playing. That seemed promising. I thought about doing a photo every hour yesterday. I thought that might be fun to post and for d2b to see someday. How great to be able to record the referral day! But, I decided that seeing me teaching school was not that interesting. And, I didn't really want to show all of you pictures of my messy house and my computer screen as I watched the sling and checked things around the web.

Today I had a small hope that there would be news waiting when I woke up. I was even telling the story to myself. "I had taken a shower and was in my blue robe. I put in my contacts so that I could see the computer and went down to feed the cats. Then I had some chocolate chip cookies (Just found these this weekend. They're from Holland and very good!) and milk for breakfast while I checked my e-mail." And there was no referral news.

So, there's no mad dash to post and e-mail before the clock hits 7:00. It's time to blow dry and head off to school. I have a student teacher right now, so it's not the relaxing place it once was. But, I'll be busy.

Really feeling like the bus is late. Again.


Allison B said...

Oh, Kate, I'm sorry there's nothing yet. But maybe your e-mail to M will trigger something.

When I signed on to Facebook earlier, someone had sent me something for my "African Safari." It's just a silly app; I never even look at it except when somebody gives me something for it. But, when I looked, there was...an elephant, of course! (That's elephant, singular.) So, of course, I thought of you and hoped it was prophetic.

And as you start your day (still tomorrow for me), I'm off to bed! I'll still check on you in my morning!

Denyse said...

Kate...the news is close. I have been thinking about you a lot today. Elephants and the pictures that you posted were all in stuff I saw or did today. Hang on...I feel its close. I think that d2b would love referral day pictures of you.
Thinking good thoughts....

Anonymous said...

You are waaaay overdue, thinking referral thoughts for you!

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling that it will be soon! I really do.

This is something I wanted to write to you about a while ago but felt shy, but here is my personal experience with having my name changed post-adoption. You obviously don't have to listen to me! I was adopted from China at 5 and my parents changed my name to Americanize it. It actually did help me feel more at home at first, but once I hit 9 or 10 it just felt wrong to me, it wasn't my name. I refused my 'American' name at 13 entirely, insisted to be called by the name I had been born with, and at 18 I changed it legally. For the longest time I resented my parents for it very strongly. Being brought up in America, by my parents: that would obviously be with me forever no matter what name I had, their love would be with me. But my ties to my ethnicity and to where I had been born - all I had was my name (well, and obviously how I looked).
I've met lots of people adopted from overseas that had no problems with name changes, but also some that have, and I haven't met anyone that was unhappy that their name hadn't been changed. Then again, I suppose it depends on the age of adoption... I can only speak for myself!

Your referral will be coming very soon, I know it!

votemom said...

a watched pot...

(i hope it's somewhat of a comfort to you that there are so many of us who truly understand exactly what you are feeling...)

Melissa said...

I can feel through your post your angst. I know that feeling when you are waiting. I cried a lot. keep your chin up. know that we are all rooting for you here in the states. hugs

Kay B said...


The bus will be right on time - God's time. I KNOW how hard the waiting is, I KNOW that compulsive desire to check e-mail every 5 minutes, I KNOW the disappointment when there is no news today. Hang in there, try to keep youself busy, don't miss out on what is happening today while you are watching out for tomorrow, find today's blessing.

As for the name thing, we didn't want to change our daughter's name unless it sounded really repulsive (- because kids can be mean to each other in school and all. Fortunately, our daughter has a name that is unusual but still very pretty. We felt that it was a part of her that in the long run we just could not take away. Of course, she was 9 when we brought her home, the same thought might not apply to a baby or young toddler. She has mentioned to us once in a while that she wants to change her name to an American name, but it is a fleeting thought, she later decides that she likes her name too much to give it up. At the end of the day, it is your decision for sure, just sharing our thoughts on the subject.

Tami said...

The news is on its way - I'm sure of it. Its just that being this close to it, makes the bus seem all the more late. You know how it is - you're waiting for your ride, you have a place you NEED to be - but the bus doesn't show and doesn't show. Its coming - its just not there right now. It could be its just around the corner and you can't see it because somebody has parked their minivan in the way. ;)
Hang in there...we'll be praying the bus driver suddenly finds his lead foot! :)

Rachael said...

Your disappointment is palpable in this post. I'm so sorry that darn bus is still late. I am disappointed right along with you.

Unknown said...

I'm with ya sista! GEEZ! Haven't we waited LONG enough? Waiting is OK, IF (and this is a big if) - we know why we're waiting...but of course, as is with all things Russin - there is no readily available information on anything.

So - know that I feel your frustration...wish we were closer - we'd take a trip to Ikea or a Hanna A. outlet!