10 April 2009

need your Rx eta

eta: Cheers, guys. Your comments have highlighted my dilemma! No fever. No swollen glands. No sinus problems. Really, no sign of any infection. So, no doctor, right? But, do have some nausea and loss of appetite. In my students sore throat + bad tummy always = strep. And my teeth feel kind of fuzzy, vote. So I should go to the doctor. But going to the doctor here...unreliable. Remember the ENT who rx'd peach oil for my respiratory infection last spring? And I generally feel worst morning and evening and okay during the day. I've been doing honey all week, Carrie. And zinc, vitamin C, echinacea... but still bleh.

If I'm asking if I need to go, I probably do. But WHAT is the POINT of waiting to see the doctor (two weeks for a cold to go away if you see a doctor, 14 days if you don't, said my US doc.) if you just feel BAD for two weeks and THEN have to have all sorts of icky chemicals? And I just don't think it's strep. I don't think my throat feels bad enough for it to be strep. And there's no fever. So there's no infection and I don't need an antibiotic, right?

Not today, I think. I don't even feel like going shopping today. Today I'll make some more chicken soup with lots of garlic. But maybe I'll call to see who is in the office today and tomorrow. If Dr. Peach Oil is in, my decision is made!

I hate to go to the doctor. And, I don't really want to take ANOTHER round of antibiotics. Last spring/summer was too much.

But strep was going around. And I have a sore throat. And a killer pressure headache. And no energy. For a week.

BUT, I would think that my throat would be really sore if this was strep.

So...will juice and rest and soup fix this or do I need to go to the doctor? (I can't see into my throat to tell if there are white spots on it or not. And it's spring break, so everyone's gone.)



Anonymous said...

Love from El Paso. Go to the doctor.

Lauri said...

any fever? strep usually comes along with a fever..

when I get pressure sinus headaches, I often have a sore throat from post nasal drip... TMI.. I know.. sorry

I would say go... just to be safe... because you were exposed..

Tami said...

I wait to take kids with a sore throat (without spots) to the doctor until they get a fever.
Any fever?
I'm with Lauri...if you've got a sinus headache, the sore throat may be from the post nasal drip.
Its best to go to the doctor...but you may try some benedryl to see if you can get your head to clear out and see if that helps your throat.

Tina in CT said...

Sounds more like a sinus infection. I'm an expert on them as I've had many (allergy related). Sudafed, Mucinex, plenty of juice, water, etc. and SLEEP.

Rachael said...

Fever or swollen lymph nodes: go to the doctor. Otherwise, tincture of time.

(Said from the MD who said everyday for a week that "I think I'm getting sick, my throat is all scratchy and I feel worn down." Until finally someone said, "HELLO...you're not GETTING sick, you ARE sick." And then I took a strep test: positive. Oops.) If it's strep, one day of penillin later, you'll feel like a million bucks, so when in doubt, go get checked.

votemom said...

do you have any nausea? that often comes with strep.

do you have lots of sinus stuffiness? that usually does not come with strep.

that's all i've got. oh, except for the really, really bad breath that comes with strep. not sure how you can check that yourself.

sorry for the sickness.

Holly said...

Can you get your hands on any pure, preferably unprocessed honey? I swear by it. It has antibiotic-like properties...a tablespoon straight, 3x a day.

Sounds crazy, but I went without medical insurance for several years and I'm very prone to strep and this saved me a few trips to the doc. It's worth a shot for a day or two and if it gets worse, go to the doc.

Hope you feel better soon!

Tina in CT said...

Many strept throats throughout the years and never has nausea from it.

Barb said...

Just caught up on your posts . . . I love a good massage too! You can always let me know when you're coming to Helsinki and we could meet!

Pickel said...

It's Pickel from Grown in my Heart...contact me stinks on the site an does not leave email addy. Email me please at pickelfam@yahoo.com from personal email.

annmarie said...

I say you get some Russian Standard and down it. I'll get my own bottle here and we can drink it together on the phone.

Holly said...

Go to the doc!

votemom said...

the dangerous thing here is that if it is indeed strep, and it goes untreated for too long, it can be really dangerous.

some people do really get a severe painful throat with strep. others are surprised to learn that it's strep as the pain wasn't that intense.

i would go.

Unknown said...

If you go to the Dr., I am sure they will give you a round of peach oil followed by a few doses of magic tea.

Suzanne said...

I'm catching up.

Interesting that you mention fuzzy teeth, as my teeth fuzz when I am in pain.

Just thought I would share that.

Anonymous said...



Go see a doctor!