29 April 2009

new digs

I know where I'm moving! (Jim, they like to keep all the foreign-hire teachers close, so I can't move to Vasilevsky. Too bad 'cause I love it there--although it has very poor bridge access to Petrogradsky, where I work.)

I'm moving into a flat that our school currently uses. The teachers who live there are leaving and the lease has been re-negotiated. The flat has a nice big living room and an open kitchen. It has two bedrooms and a larger bathroom than my current one (which is modeled after an airplane lavatory.) There are American appliances left from previous tenants. (A drier. A DRIER!) There is a babushka who stays downstairs all the time and the principal will live upstairs from me. That's all good!

It's on a canal and the tour boats that cruise up and down incessantly are LOUD. So, I anticipate some griping posts about that. I'm a little sad to be ending my time on Millionaire's Row--simply because of the name. But, in all, I'm glad of the move.


Jessica said...

Awesome! I look forward to seeing the pictures (there will be pictures, right?) like after your last move. :)

julian said...

This is really pathetic, but when I reward myself, I look at websites for apartments in St. P and in Moscow...It's like a little treat to look and pretend that I can go over and just choose one!!!
I found one ite that had apartments on "Millionaire" and I think of you...

I think you should go younger!!!
This will give you just that much more time with them!! COME ON!!!!!!!

Tina in CT said...

What is the significance of having a babushka living downstairs? Will you be on the second floor? It sounds larger than what you have but unfortunately you'll have to adjust to the noise from the canal during the boating season. Do they move teachers every year?

Debbie said...

A DRIER?!? You don't realize how much you really love them until you've been away from one for awhile!

kate said...

Jess-- YES to pix.

Julianne--NO to younger. Posting later. ;>

Tina--The babushka is like a concierge. Many buildings here have them. They're caretakers--and the first line of defense against unwanted persons. They don't move teachers every year. I was in my first flat three years. I asked to move. They were very generous in doing it!

Annie said...

The flat sounds great! How does it do in the charm department?

I hope your little one turns out to be docile. I'd hate to have anyone who works with me overhear some of the caterwauling that goes on around here!

But....I'm sure you wont' have that.

Lakeshore Cottage Living said...

Although I don't know Jojo...I am leaning her way....a 3 year old...almost 4?...sounds good and you could love em a little longer before they break your heart and move away :)...that is the way I look at it. You hardly know me though....but I always have REALLY good advice. Ha!

Do you mind if I link your blog on my blog list? I would love to keep up and follow along!